Peloton (PTON): short opportunity?

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Lucky C
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Re: Peloton (PTON): short opportunity?

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Lucky C wrote:
Sun Dec 20, 2020 6:42 pm
I guess the opportunity would be in a long-short portfolio where you could be long a stock that is also trending up, is also profitable with earnings growth, and is also in the leisure industry. A quick screen presents me with JOUT (Johnson Outdoors) with P/E of 19 and P/S of 1.7...
Since original post 12/20:
PTON: +1.1%
JOUT: +7.6%

Or since 12/22 after the "sell the news" event of PTON buying Precor:
PTON: -9.5%
JOUT: +3.1%
50/50 short/long: +6.3% vs. +0.4% for S&P500

I know, it's too short of a time frame / too small of a sample size to mean anything, but it's hard to resist posting about a good bet even if you didn't take it.

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