Learning Tribe -"investments" by Bodie, ed. 4th, first 100 pages

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Learning Tribe -"investments" by Bodie, ed. 4th, first 100 pages

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I mean this edition:
https://www.amazon.com/Investments-Alex ... 0256246262

I'm making this topic just to attract lurkers or people who need external motivation.

I have this book under my bed for last 16 months.

I'm just blown away that people "make money with money".

For really busy people:
I realized that every chapter has summary.
Review questions have answers *incoming plot twist wrt topic *... this why I don't state any questions or post my personal summary atm.

PS. Yes, this some kind of piggybacking... but I come here to read smarter people than me. Sometimes poking is necessary.
I'm also focused on increasing my income lately, this why I don't spend much time here.

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