Income Robustness Score Log

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Re: Income Robustness Score Log

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7Wannabe5 wrote:
Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:25 am
... due to net negative contribution to war toys budget etc.
As far as I can tell there is nothing net negative to any part of the federal budget right now :lol: and I think the opposite will be the trend until at least early 2023.

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Re: Income Robustness Score Log

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Re: Income Robustness Score Log

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Currently = 1.31
at 60 = 1.54
at 67 = 2.3

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Re: Income Robustness Score Log

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^ Agreed. Yes it could fail (but I would already be FI) and yes I would like to buy alternate sources of income in the future.

One of my motivations to continue collecting more income than needed is to further diversify in the future. E.g. I don't trust stocks and bonds to deliver good returns in the next decade or so, and would like some real estate (not REITs and not counting my home), but wouldn't want to take out a mortgage or use the majority of my assets to buy a rental unit with cash.

In a few years I hope I will be comfortably robust vs. my current situation where theoretically income is not needed but we also have this extreme-valuation-everything-bubble situation that makes me uneasy.

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