What Do You Eat for Weight Loss?

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Re: What Do You Eat for Weight Loss?

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Okinawa Japan has one of the highest life expectancies on earth. One of their ways not only for weight loss, is to eat until their stomachs are 80% full during mealtimes then stop.

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Re: What Do You Eat for Weight Loss?

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Clarice wrote:
Sun Jul 28, 2019 10:32 am

Yes, the simple answer is "Yes". But how do you do that? The link that I've mentioned provides excellent practical guidelines on the topic of "HOW to eat less", which includes many rules of thumb to make it easy. He says, for example, that it is impossible to overeat boiled potatoes, but very easy to overeat nuts. Volum (fiber) and water fill you up. If you start a meal with a green salad you'll consume less.

Fast food is low-hanging fruit. Duh... But what if you never set your foot at a fast food place, yet still getting heavier?
it's not easy, that's for sure. You need to retrain your brain and and your guts to feel satiated earlier. it took me months of feeling slightly hungry all the time until it "clicked". I had extra motivation because of my gradually worsening reflux symptoms, otherwise it would have been even harder.
Suddenly I was not hungry anymore in the mornings, so I stopped eating breakfast. I cannot eat after six in the evening because of the reflux, so when I missed this time window I simply left out the meal. It's not so bad really. I used to get shaky and slightly nauseous when I missed a meal, this does not happen anymore now that my body is no longer used to be fed at certain times.

I think one needs to make a commitment to eat less and start to whittle away in small increments at ones meals. Like no second serving, or start with one less snack a day. I eat exactly the same food as before, only less. Since I'm the kind of person that needs to change in small, manageable steps this approach worked for me, YMMV.

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