What Do You Eat for Weight Loss?

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Re: What Do You Eat for Weight Loss?

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We get some delivery from Walmart.com through Fed-Ex. We get fresh food via my BF’s ex-wife. She orders on line and does drive-thru pick-up at a grocery store wearing a mask. The worker puts it right in the back of her van. Then she puts our food in the garage for my BF to pick up the next day. She is younger, so less at risk, and lives with their 6’2” 14 year old son who demands a ton of food. It’s a good deal for her because my BF pays for everything on top of his usual child support etc.


I think that was the most balanced, sensible advice in the topic that I have ever read on this forum.

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Re: What Do You Eat for Weight Loss?

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@White Belt

Great post. But to clarify one point - the 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. It is actually 1 gram per pound of lean body mass....so if you're 190 pound male with 20% body fat, your lean mass is 152 pounds...so 152 grams of protein. Big 38 gram difference here. Also...individuals with a higher body fat % (greater than 20% or so), can "get away with" eating slightly less protein and still retain lean mass.

Though more protein certainly does not hurt if calorie deficit is maintained.

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Re: What Do You Eat for Weight Loss?

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new (?) theory postulates that a) we have multiple appetites for 5 nutrients, not a single one, and b) hunger for protein comes first, and meeting your protein needs first will reduce hunger for other macros
https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg ... ur-health/

this isn’t keto, but explains why keto/atkins/paleo might work without “insulin spike” explanations.

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Re: What Do You Eat for Weight Loss?

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Well I've dug into some more research regarding protein intake, and it seems I did mischaracterize the consensus of 1 gram per pound of body weight. Recommended protein intakes for healthy (not morbidly obese) individuals seem to range from .8-1.3g/lb of BW depending on various factors.
Eric Helms wrote:I think ~0.8-1g/lb (~1.8-2.2g/kg) is probably the highest intake you’ll benefit from in terms of enhancing strength or mass gains when you’re not in a deficit. Higher intakes are fine, but the only benefit would be for people who tend to overeat in the offseason and want to limit their calorie consumption to prevent excess fat gain.

While dieting, the jury is still out concerning whether there’s a benefit from an intake higher than 1.8-2.2g/kg for muscle retention. However, there probably are some benefits in terms of satiety and potentially mood. That said, I wouldn’t go too high, as excess protein can displace your caloric allotment for carbs and fat. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and end up with a sub-par diet in terms of variety, micronutrient density, and adequate nutritional support for training. Thus, I’d cap dieting protein intake at ~2.8g/kg of total body mass, or roughly 1.3g/lb.
Source: https://www.strongerbyscience.com/refle ... g-protein/

Meanwhile, this review recommends .7g/lb BW for healthy individuals trying to gain some muscle. They do note that morbidly obese individuals should use their target bodyweight, not their actual bodyweight.

So given that we are talking about protein intake in a hypocaloric diet in this thread, I stand by my recommendation of 1g/lb of BW.

Edit: note that some of these sources focus on athletes, but I'd argue that any true ERE Renaissance (Wo)Man should think of him/herself as an athlete

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