Running and Foot Races this Summer for ERErs

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Re: Running and Foot Races this Summer for ERErs

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@ego--You need to call it a 'club' to avoid the rules. Even Philly leaves club runs alone ...

Just set up a FB page and announce your 'weekly runs' there.

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Re: Running and Foot Races this Summer for ERErs

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henrik wrote:These guys do "races" all over the world for the price of beer, usually weekly:)
I was thinking about them, too! Trail runs (when they are considerate enough to plan it on trails) too, so better yet.

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Re: Running and Foot Races this Summer for ERErs

Post by henrik »

@enigmaT120 - I've run with 4 different chapters and they've all been quite different in terms of streets vs trail, running vs socialising, lengths of runs, proportion of walkers vs runners etc. Always great company though and a good way to meet people and find running trails when you've just moved to somewhere new. The crowds tend to be partly local and partly English-speaking, so that helps if you're in a foreign country.

My running plans were sabotaged a little this week by catching a serious brains-full-of-snot type virus. Hoping to recover enough for a 10k race next weekend.

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Re: Running and Foot Races this Summer for ERErs

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Hey Everyone!

My wife and I ran the 20km this morning in our local Annual City Run. I met my goal of running 1:35, finishing in the low 1:33 handle. Think I finished inside the top 10 (results not posted yet). My wife ran in the 1:53 handle, not bad for a Mom who just had a baby less than a year ago.

A funny side note.. My employer has a "Wellness Allowance/Fitness Reimbursement" program. The qualifications to claim this benefit are fairly narrow in my opinion, and that is a whole other story, but this year they denied my entry fees to this race as an eligible expense for reimbursement. The previous two years they have paid my entry. When I asked HR about it they said the last two years were paid "in error" and they are now checking the criteria for the claims more closely. I was definitely not happy to hear that and have been thinking of writing a letter to our Union or Management or filing a grievance but this is all probably way more trouble than what it's worth. But it definitely has been bugging me.

So we get to the race a bit early this morning and right near the start line, we see a pile of cash! $75 just sitting there on the pavement. My wife and I look around, no one is looking in our direction. A couple guys are busy on their smart phones..others are shootin' the breeze and we pick up the money. And I'm thinking, is this the way Universe does justice? Haha! I guess I was right after all! It would have been very easy to pocket this found treasure. But my wife is the good natured kind and she suggested we give the money to a race official so they could possibly find it's rightful owner. So we find the race director and give her the cash. I head off to the bathroom to take care of business and a few minutes later I hear the MC of the event message that $75 has been turned in and the rightful owner can come collect etc. (We never did find out what happened to the money)

So I end up getting my entry fees paid for by the Universe and what do we do..we give it away. We're nice people eh? What would you do? I did think about keeping it, but it was more important to run the race well, keep our minds clean and clear of distraction and we did the right thing. Now what a story this would make in my letter to the employer to have them change this employee benefit!! They probably wouldn't change their mind or maybe they would. Makes for a good story anyways.

The race was a lot of fun, weather was near perfect, our parents and our baby were there to cheer us on and some local acquaintances were there as well. I'm excited for the next event in a month, a bigger race, very excited for it! (And this upcoming race IS an eligible expense for the benefit reimbursement. Why? The employer sponsors the race so it's eligible. Well of course!)

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Re: Running and Foot Races this Summer for ERErs

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Congratulations to you and your wife for great race finishing times.

And, I think you both did the right thing to turn the money in.

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