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Does anyone know of inexpensive options for obtaining blood tests? I need LFT monitoring 6x/year (ALT is the specific test) but with my insurance it is $50 per blood test. I've looked at all health insurance options during open enrollment and none of them have a lower amount. I am not working enough hours for an employer on a W2 to qualify for any health insurance plans, which I imagine would have much more reasonable fees for something that certainly doesn't cost more than a dollar for the lab.

I did some web searches for lab companies and found one with a lower rate, but it seems there are restrictions per MA law (where I am currently) on getting bloodwork because it said that company could not offer services in MA due to the law. I was not able to find more about it or which companies are affected, anyone know anything about it?


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Re: Bloodwork/Labs

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Call all the local hospitals and lab chains for cash price of ALT - hepatic function or complete metabolic profile - as they are often run in the same machine and billing is due to some optimization of total collectibles the prices can be counterintuitive
The cash price might also be less than what insurance gets at times
Longer shot - look up if there are any DPC practices in your area as they may have pre-negotiated cash prices with labs and may be willing to share that info

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Re: Bloodwork/Labs

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A quick google search yields: ... t-or-sgpt/

With a link up top to a $35 LabCorp test. I think you still have to go to a lab.

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