A comfortable bed

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Re: A comfortable bed

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most will frown over this idea.
Over the weekend i've landed a $1000 queen sized memory foam mattress that the purchaser had for 2 weeks and didn't like because it was too firm.
The company had a full satisfaction guarantee so they got their refund and the company didn't want the merchandise back due to cost of return shipping. Again, most will frown over this idea....especially at this time. I wake daily at 4 am and never really had problems sleeping so it works for me.

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Re: A comfortable bed

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The best sleep of my life is on my current futon. It's the cheap 'student' futon, made of layered cotton and nothing else (as far as I am aware). It's a queen size that goes directly on the floor. Probably about 15cm thick. I roll it up out of the way during the day, and it can fit in my car without any difficulties. I would be nice to have it on a frame of some sort for purely aesthetic reasons, but directly on the floor, and complete lack of springs, makes it very stable and, uh... stealthy. :lol:

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