Getting old sucks

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Re: Getting old sucks

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"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Of course not agreed with by the wizards behind slicing and dicing mortgages into tranches into CMOs and CDOs. Cutters know only how to cut, I'm sure they are plying their trade in the economy somewhere. We'll see where it surfaces next.

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Healthy Lifestyle

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Everyone knows that if you took better care of your health you could feel better and increase your productivity. If you feel that you need to make improvements to your lifestyle for your health, you’re not alone. Taking time to reevaluate our lifestyles is part of life!
It’s very difficult to get out of old habits, a good healthy lifestyle can give you more energy, improved mental health, and can increase your chances of defeating the illness.
There are the most important five steps you can take to managing a healthier lifestyle:
1. Exercise
2. Include fruits and vegetable in your diet
3. Drink water more and more
4. Manage your mental health
5. Distress

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Re: Getting old sucks

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Getting old does suck.

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Re: Getting old sucks

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There are plenty of examples of people in advanced age maintaining good mental and physical health. I just watched a fairly recent interview with Charlie Munger - his succinct answers are pretty impressive for 95 years old. Definitely still sharp, even if the body is not what it used to be. However, I don't think he ever prioritised physical health much - it should be possible to maintain both to a high level (there are 100 years old still running long distances).

As for how to do it, it's the same advice as for general wellbeing - daily workouts, ideally not just cardio but strength as well; healthy diet, i.e. no junk/processed food and as little animal products as possible, consistent good sleep, stress management. And using your brain - learning new skills, languages - this is especially important for retirees. The last element, often forgotten, is having strong social bonds - partner, family, friends, the wider community, the feeling of being a part of something greater. Solitude, especially in front of the TV, is a highway to misery.

With all these, it's best to start early and make them lifelong habits.

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Re: Getting old sucks

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unemployable wrote:
Fri Mar 08, 2019 1:04 am
First Alex Trebek, now Tom Seaver.

I'll be surprised if Trebek makes it past September or so.

I think people here worry too much about global-scale apocalypses and not enough about the ones that may strike their own bodies.
Turns out I was a year off

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Re: Getting old sucks

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everyone dies in the end

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