Routines for general health and longevity

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Routines for general health and longevity

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Hello all

I have been reading the forums for a long time but never posted before now. I think there is a lot of people with a lot of knowledge and ability to use system thinking in everyday life on this forum.

I am trying to find routines for daily life to make me stick to healthy living.

FOOD: mostly eating food from the mediteranian diet and using intermittent fasting with an 8 hour eating window. But I need a system and go to food stables to stick with healthy food. Any suggestions for a simple routine regarding food (What to eat for simplicity and health and longevity)? I don`t mind eating the same again and again to make it simple.

WORKOUT: Trying to strengh train once a week with the Body by science workout using free weights. And twice a week using HIIT running or cycling workout. And good tips for trainging simple with low stress on the body to gain optimal health and longevity?

MIND: Using the Wim Hof metod for breathing and cold exposure once in a while. But would like to get into some kind of steady daily meditation routine. Any advise on what kind of meditation to use and for how long to get the benefits from meditation?

Other good daily habits or activitets that you can recommend to make your life better, happier or healthier?

Sorry for the language and possible spelling mistakes. But english is not my first language. Looking forward to your reply`s and building some new healthy habits that i can stick to.

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Re: Routines for general health and longevity

Post by chenda »


I've been meditating daily since Boxing day (only missed one day) using the video below. I think it has helped with mood swings to some extent, I have not raged or got angry for the last few days. The benefits are gradual and accumulate slowly.

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Re: Routines for general health and longevity

Post by Dave »



My eating is very similar to what you described as your goal - Med Diet, ~8 hour eating window, etc.

An average day for me involves a lunch that is a green salad (type of green varies) with a lot (I'm talking literally a can's worth, although I make them from dry) of chickpeas, a handful of some type of nut, a spoonful of chia and flax seeds, assorted other veggies that I have around like onions/peppers, hot sauce, and olive oil. I'll eat a piece or two of fruit, and lately I've been having some Greek yogurt with blueberries and dry oatmeal mixed in, if I'm still hungry.

Dinner is a generally some sort of legume soup (black bean soup and various lentil dal fries are my staples, but lots of variation here) with a whole grain like brown rice and some sort of vegetable like roasted broccoli. Other times it will be a "bowl" with legumes, whole grains, vegetables, etc. I'm partial to burritos so sometimes bean burritos!

While I'm in Hawaii, I've been eating a little more fish (i.e. poke) on the weekends.


There are so many ways to work out. It sounds like you have a strength training program setup. I'd suggest that going for long walks is an underappreciated form of exercise. If you go brisk enough, it is potent enough to provide some of the benefits that other more intense forms of cardio do, while also having the benefit of having multiple other uses like transportation to the store/friends, social time if you're walking with someone or meditation time if you're alone, or time in nature if you're able to get out and about.

I often go on fairly long walks to get groceries (5-6 miles) that involves carrying ~30 pounds in a backpack. My family has commented that this seems inefficient, but that's only because they're looking at the task (getting groceries) to time ratio. I look at the activity as a way to get outside in the sun, talk to others or meditate, get exercise, get groceries, and not spend money on a car/bus. From that perspective it's very efficient in that it provides value to me in several areas I care about without moving me back on any others.

The walking explanation is somewhat off-topic, but I wanted to go into it to suggest that it's helpful to do activities that result in benefits in several areas of your life rather than just one. This can apply across all the categories you mentioned, and others.

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Re: Routines for general health and longevity

Post by chenda »

Update: I had one of the worse emotional breakdowns of my life on Sunday afternoon. After days of apparent improvement with meditation. It felt detached from myself like I was observing myself spiral out of control. Having done some research this is not uncommon but is underreported. So the lesson here is be wary of meditation if you have mental health issues.

But back to the OP, a few other things:

Noise induce hearing loss. Always use earplugs in noisy environments like music venues.

Suncream. Sunglasses and Stretching.

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Re: Routines for general health and longevity

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Re: Routines for general health and longevity

Post by Jean »

Walking. With a load. Upward. It's the only workout humans are perfectly adapted for. Strong legs are what all physical works rely on. Also walking provides a great way to get your brain running or stoping.

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