Going Vegan [Report]

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Going Vegan [Report]

Post by kakallatt » Sun May 13, 2018 1:49 am

I've started fasting again and while it hasn't been easy, I feel really good for having done it. I've been watching some documentaries, pondering on my dietary habits and I feel called to cut out meat, dairy, and eggs.

I was vegetarian for most of my childhood by choice, vegan for a few years as an adult. I stopped mainly due to social pressures each time. I have a vegan multivitamin that includes B12 and A so my potential deficiencies will be covered but I still feel nervous about making the jump. I know there are some far more skilled vegans/vegetarians here than I so I'm wondering what pointers you'd have-especially to replace the salty and sweet flavors-good vegan chocolates, cheeses, pizzas, burgers, yogurts, meat replacements (in the middle of a fast right now so these are what are coming to me.)

Some ideas I have for foods are: vegetable soups, fruits, stir fries, french fries, salads, pancakes, portobellos grilled in aioli and vinegar, avocados with grilled garlic, lemon with nuts/seeds, apples and peanut butter, lentils. I've also cut out most bread/gluten which makes this more difficult but potentially more rewarding on the health front. :) :)

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Re: Going Vegan [Report]

Post by Astra » Sun May 13, 2018 2:35 pm

Going vegan is not only a great choice for your health, but also for the planet. To make sure it's also a sensible choice for your budget, try to use "replacement products" sparingly (talking about vegan cheeses, protein bars, ready-to-fry meat alternatives and plant-based dairy alternatives). It's somewhat normal to fear the jump, feeling like you have to commit forever - so just take it a day at a time and it will soon become easier as you see you still have plenty of options. The fuller your plate is with fresh, satisfying, healthy choices, the less craving you will have for snacks and junk foods anyway.

If the snacking urges strike anyway, here's some things I enjoy that you could try:
- Savoury snacking: DIY hummus (don't be greedy with that olive oil), olives, dried tomatoes, DIY nut mix (buy almonds/cashews/hazlenuts/walnuts in bulk, then roast and flavour yourself), fresh homemade foccacia. There is one vegan cheese I get as a treat about every 3 months it's called NO MUH (from Switzerland)
- Meaty: Tofu (marinate overnight, then fry) and Textured Soy Protein (sounds like future food, but I love it! You can get it in bulk and different shapes/sizes, it's dry and stores really long, to use you just rehydrate with warm water, then proceed to marinate, fry, add to dishes. The minced makes for great taco filling, lasagne or spaghetti sauce, the bigger pieces are for stir-fry or stews, larger ones get made into Schnitzel, burger patties or BBQ steak. It's un-prepared, cheap, lean protein). Flavouring and spices are key to prepare good meat alternatives, you can find recipes for simple marinades and spice rubs online aplenty!
- Sweets and chocolate: I'm really into dried fruits (some DIY) and dark chocolate. If you don't like the bitter taste of dark choc, try cutting it with marzipan or creamy peanut butter.

Enjoy and best sucess!

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Re: Going Vegan [Report]

Post by slsdly » Sun May 13, 2018 5:37 pm

Speaking as a non-vegan who tends to cook vegan, because I avoid dairy and dislike handling raw meat, I would second avoiding the substitutes. Don't go in expecting hamburgers and lasagna. For the most part I've found shifting the types of dishes I eat was more pleasant than trying to make the same things "without meat/dairy." Curries, chutney, soups and stirfry are just as great without meat. It takes a lot more work/consideration to make something approximating meat, like green lentils with taco seasoning to make a Sloppy Joe style innard of sorts.

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Re: Going Vegan [Report]

Post by Mae » Mon May 14, 2018 9:59 am

Where are you from?

Salty foods: garlicy hummus, salted nuts, crisps without milk powder (check for ingredients)

Sweet foods: fruit, dried fruit, jam, oreo cookies

Chocolate substitute: dark chocolate (check for ingredients, sometimes contains milk powder), cacao nibs, plant milk with cacao as a healthy hot chocolate

Cheese substitute: I don't buy cheese substitutes as they are expensive, but I sprinkle yeast flakes on some dishes for a cheesy flavour

Pizza substitute: make your own (with ready-made pizza bottom if you are lazy, like me)

Burger substitute: I don't buy burgers often because they are expensive and often not very nutricious

Yoghurt substitute: I don't buy plant yoghurts because they are expensive

Meat replacements: lentils, chick peas, beans, soy products, seitan, ... lots of vegetables have a high protein to everything else-ratio

Good luck!

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Re: Going Vegan [Report]

Post by Jason » Wed May 16, 2018 3:31 pm

I went vegan for a day. Well, it was really a meal. Ok, truth be told, a salad. Then it was an hour in the bathroom hurling lentils. It was awful. I still remember the sounds I was making and the sheer force with which the lentils came out. It was like some Exorcist shit in there. My wife was outside wondering if she should call a priest. I cleaned myself up and went to McDonald's.

Hope you have better luck.

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