Your workstation for working/using PC/reading (ergonomics)

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Your workstation for working/using PC/reading (ergonomics)

Post by Stahlmann » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:27 pm

I know I could read norms about ergonomics and so on, but I am more interested in how you have solved this problem in your life (or just get personal insight).

I assume that many of you work as white collars.
If not, you pursue intellectual pursuits on your own, so you can also contribute.

I am especially interested in light. I think not everybody has access to sunny California, so... There are also probably many night owls, who sit in front of compter after sunset.

At the moment I have lamp with normal just above my computer screen. This is the only source of light (maybe second after computer screen). I find this solution not perfect.

How does your desk look like?

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Re: Your workstation for working/using PC/reading (ergonomics)

Post by wood » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:28 am

White interior, plenty of light, seated in a typical office chair with lots of adjustment options. Open office environment (noisy), bad air.
I rarely adjust the chair or desk, but I often change the way I sit. Sometimes I stand. I make sure to take breaks, go to the printer, coffee machine, chat with colleagues. Physical movement is a priority.

I workout almost everyday after work.

Darker interior and less light but never no-light. Quiet surroundings, fresh air. I sit in the sofa but change my position drastically every 20 mins or so.
Ideally I should get a desk that makes me stand up straight, but I'm too lazy and the current solution works fine.

I never had any problems but I can't imagine sitting still 10+ hours everyday is healthy. Another reason to REE.

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Re: Your workstation for working/using PC/reading (ergonomics)

Post by Stahlmann » Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:18 pm

@wood Thanks! Finally somebody responded to my post!

I must say I will attach some desk lamp to the side where I sit to immitate the Sun, because now I have only one source on the other side of the desk. There is this eternal discussion if you should have source of light in front of you or back to you. The ceiling lamps in my room doesn't work well...

Does somebody use LED lighting as main source for working/reading area?

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Re: Your workstation for working/using PC/reading (ergonomics)

Post by Scott 2 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:14 pm

I just took the back off my desk chair and introduced an exercise ball as another seating option. My posture was all sorts of hunched over.

I use the application FLUX to adjust the warmth of the light coming off my monitor, so blue light doesn't screw with my sleep at night.

Just normal overhead light in the room. I do not work in the dark.

I have a Freestyle 2 keyboard in the mail - split keyboard, allows for a better shoulder / upper back posture. I had one previously, but my wife stole it.

I also get up regularly, sometimes I'll work laying prone on the floor, standing at a counter, or laying on the couch. Changing posture a lot is good.

Of course, exercise often. I do weights 4x a week, along with walks or yoga most days. I am experimenting with walks wearing a product that lightly stretches the front of the chest and shoulders - Donnie Thompson's Bow Tie. I got the casual one. I think it is helping, but only time will tell. It's been about two weeks.

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Re: Your workstation for working/using PC/reading (ergonomics)

Post by distracted_at_work » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:23 pm

If you spend as much time at the computer as I do.. (8+hrs/day) ... I highly recommend f.lux.

It dims you computer screen according to the time of day in your area. The idea is to reduce the amount of blue light you receive. I find it much easier on the eyes for the occasional late night gaming sessions. If you root your phone you can also get it there but nowadays that type of feature comes auto with the phone.

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Re: Your workstation for working/using PC/reading (ergonomics)

Post by Gilberto de Piento » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:41 pm

I'll add another endorsement for flux. Otherwise I don't do anything special though I should.

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Re: Your workstation for working/using PC/reading (ergonomics)

Post by SavingWithBabies » Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:33 pm

My workstation consists of these things:

* Herman Miller Aeron Chair (purchased used, was a bit sketchy deal and would next time inspect screws more carefully to ensure not tinkered with)
* Ikea table legs with adjustable height (4 x $15 USD) so I can pick favorite height for keyboard
* Ikea table top (variety of prices, I purchased a $20 USD hollow one -- next time I'd probably get solid)
* 32" 4k monitor with it's own stand and a control puck that can make it easy to switch monitor modes (ie dimmer w/ less blue)
* F.lux or flux on my computer to skew yellow at night
* Average keyboard (I use a full sized Mac one)
* Logitech M570 trackball mouse

I have one 15w LED desk lamp aimed at the wall behind my monitor and a tall Ikea 4 x 30w or 3 x 30w LED light off to the right for general atmosphere. The wall behind my desk is a light gray so it reflects a fair amount of light. I also have a window to my right that I typically have the curtains open on. It's very nice to be able to look out the window and have my eyes use some more distance vision to compensate for all the close viewing.

The first ergonomic change I made a long time ago was to switch from a mouse to a trackball. It helped alleviate a lot of back pain on the opposite side of my mousing arm. A mouseless window manager that lets you not use a mouse/trackball is probably better but this works for me.

I considered buying a standing desk but I hesitate. If I were to purchase a home and have a more fixed location, I'd probably just get two desks and a second monitor and have one standing and one sitting. I've used adjustable desks and it is always a bit annoying to go up or down with cords and such. Plus they cost enough that even with my swanky monitor, just spending a little more I can get a second monitor and a second inexpensive desk and have it be standing only (assuming I have the space for it).

I'm really happy with the setup. One flaw though -- by making it comfortable, it is much easier to sit and use it for much longer than one should. I work from home so I use this setup every day.

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Re: Your workstation for working/using PC/reading (ergonomics)

Post by Stahlmann » Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:12 pm

It wasn't obvious for me for loooong time... Don't make fun of me, please :lol:

It's possible to use computer only with keyboard.
Yep, I got tired with constant movement of my right hand-right part of keyboard-and so on.

For web browsing there is this awesome addon called "Viminium" (with diffrent flavours) (for me this extension did the trick).

If we speak about flux... This very interesting as not so ago Nobel prize in medicine was given for research in field of timing in human behaviour...

I also had fiercy discussion with some guy on BB forum. He recommended buying light bulbs for reptiles (in opposition to various smart LEDs), because this solution would be better than flux. "In "smart bulbs" they cut red spectrum so they don't matter anyway. Red spectrum makes you sleep. You can use blue one as alarm" - his words. I still haven't digested it....

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