The Perfect Job?

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The Perfect Job?

Post by Felipe » Fri Dec 16, 2016 5:52 am

State Park Peace Officer (Ranger)

I'd get to work in nature, salary ranges from 50-100k/yr with good benefits, get to learn interesting skills while helping nature. After 2 years of work I could be a supervisor and make 6 figures. Typically work alone, minimizing politics. I have a few officers as friendly neighbors and feel I could get some good referrals/early experience. One of them offered me to come along and volunteer a while back, may be time to take him up on that.

The site ( says there's a 15-18 month selection process, followed byT around 6-8 months of training, I already have an Associate's so not much more academics.
Relocating for work.

Do you have any wisdom here?

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Re: The Perfect Job?

Post by Ego » Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:54 am

I have a friend who started from scratch with no degree and a factory job. He slowly got his undergrad in Outdoor Resource Management (I believe) and volunteered at a county park for several years while doing so. He then went through the Police Academy and got a job as a Peace Officer with the county parks. He went on to get a masters in something and eventually got his dream ranger job. Hours were a bit wonky and he is not a peace officer type of guy so he struggled with carrying a gun and enforcing rules in a park with gang problems. He is the kind of person who could draw a crowd of a hundred people simply by telling a story while watching insects in a pile of mountain lion crap.

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Re: The Perfect Job?

Post by Felipe » Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:37 am

Thanks Ego.

That story was unexpected. I imagined an easier time getting work and handling a gang problem with so much reinforcement available.

I'm volunteering in April/May this coming year in a park but it's of my choice. It seems Rangers don't get that choice except for knowing which state they'll work in..

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Re: The Perfect Job?

Post by Ego » Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:14 pm

Here's a job that looks pretty good. Good place to gain a bunch of interesting skills.... ... XpielMTaPA

Facilities Director
Opal Crek Ancient Forest Center - Mill City, OR
$25,000 a year
Summary of Position :

The Facilities Director is responsible for maintaining and improving the facilities at Jawbone Flats. This is a full-time year-round position based in Jawbone Flats, a historic mining town in the heart of Oregon Cascades. The Facilities Director must be able to winter over, potentially being snowed in without vehicular access for a period of 4 months. The Facilities Director promotes the mission of the organization through their work.

Opal Creek is a magnificent 35,000-acre ancient forest on the western slopes of the Cascade Range in Oregon. This spectacular area achieved federal protection from logging after a very long and nationwide struggle. In this setting the Facilities Director is the lead staff member for all ongoing maintenance and execution of larger capital projects. Tasks include: firewood gathering/stacking; general electrical and plumbing maintenance on our 1929 mining town, garbage, recycling, and supply runs to town, basic budgeting, some administrative work, and engaging the public.

Essential Duties:

Must be able to communicate effectively with staff and public
Maintain a first-rate, off –grid, environmental educational facility
Must be computer and Internet literate
Must be able to lift heavy objects when necessary
Must be able to walk/snowshoe at least 9 miles with a pack
Must be able to drive company vehicles, including manual transmissions
Must maintain a safe facility
Specific Responsibilities:

Project Management Skills:
Projecting schedules and costs
Budget management
Provide weekly and long-term activity schedules to the Executive Director
Do daily maintenance and general repair to the facility
Coordinate with the Director of Programs and Hospitality, Program Coordinator and Food Service Manager for camp daily operations and staff scheduling
Maintain the hydro-electric and solar power systems at Jawbone Flats
Maintain all the Jawbone Flats buildings
Maintain fleet of vehicles
Coordinate outside labor and service contractors
Interact with guests and the public to promote OCAFC and provide general knowledge of the area
Interact with USFS counterparts
Acquire firewood
Manage certain accounting line items
Work with the Executive Director and the Facilities Committee on planning for capital projects
Prepare quarterly reports for Executive Director to present to the Board
Maintain files
Work with the Executive Director to prepare annual facilities budget
Knowledge and Skills:

Must possess knowledge and skills to fix many problems including: plumbing, electrical, carpentry and mechanical (including small motors such as air compressors, lawn mowers, etc.)
Must have prior management scheduling and overseeing employees and display strong leadership skills.
Must have excellent communication skills and like talking to people
Must be able to enjoy living in a remote location without regular phone access, the comforts of town, and few people around in the winter.
Must be self-reliant and self-satisfied
Ability to complete projects in the face of challenges
Current Wilderness First Responder qualified or become certified prior to beginning of employment.
Education and Work Experience:

Minimum of a high school diploma
Experience in trades or facility management
Off-grid/alternative energy experience

$25,000 plus year round housing and utilities and board during the operating season (April-Nov)
Health insurance
12 days of PTO for first three years of employment
Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $25,000.00 /year

Required education:

High school or equivalent
Required experience:

Facilities Management: 1 year

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Re: The Perfect Job?

Post by OTCW » Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:22 pm

Sounds like a plot introduction to The Shining.

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Re: The Perfect Job?

Post by George the original one » Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:24 pm

In winter, Opal Creek is more isolated than Animal's cabin in Alaska. It would be like living 15 miles away from his current location.

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