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Study Log

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:30 am
by fiby41
This thread is for anyone studying, learning something new, preparing for any examination, in general; and students in particular.

Use this to share what you are studying and keep track. It'll make you accountable and disciplined.

You could post an update of what you plan to study next week and what you've studied the previous week. Or after one test and before the next one.

I have to study Laplace transform (Math) and K-Map upto 5 variables (Digital Electronics) by next week.

Re: Study Log

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 10:04 am
by daylen
Are you studying Laplace in the context of an application? I was first introduced in ODE. The idea that you can convert between domains to simplify a problem is fascinating.

Anyway, I'm between semesters now, but I have been reading nietzsche's work (along with several other things). I tend to study about 10 things at once, each not longer than a couple days so this tread might not be for me. :mrgreen:

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Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:29 pm
by fiby41
daylen wrote:Are you studying Laplace in the context of an application? I was first introduced in ODE. The idea that you can convert between domains to simplify a problem is fascinating.
Yes. It as a topic in Applied Mathematics-3 subject. It is then used as a prerequisite to Circuits and Transmission Lines subject. Both are in the same semester.

Its application in CTL is for doing
time domain/transient analysis,
for transient voltage or current,
converting time domain functions to frequency domain, heavy side function to unit step signal,
Dirac Delta functifun to impulse signal and
something about ramp signal and
damped response, over, under , critically damped.

Thanks for the revision.

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Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 4:28 pm
by Stahlmann
I am signing in :D

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Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:40 pm
by Ego
Study log.... great idea!

For the past few months I've been plotting to get into the Wilderness First Responder course at our local community college. It is a 4 credit class and is held just once a year so it fills up fast with those who have registration priority at the college. In years past I failed get into the class before it filled so last semester I registered for a Sea Kayaking course which did not get enough participants and was cancelled after two (free kayaking!) classes. That got me into the system and gave me priority over those who were newly registered. This time I logged on within the first hour of open enrollment and secured a spot. With all the fees the total cost was $194. REI offers the same course taught by the same instructor for $750/$785.

A few years ago I went through the EMT program at a different community college and enjoyed it very much so I look forward to this as a refresher that focuses on solving problems far away from the safety net of 911. It should be interesting.

Mrs. Ego will be working on her TESOL certification in the spring.

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Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:12 pm
by Stahlmann
I pay every week 40 PLN for 60 minutes of English tutoring (I want to obtain Cambridge C1 certification) (since start of this semester).

I see this way: ,,most people will sooner forget death of their mother than the fact you have lend/give them money".

Spending my resources make me more motivated (at least for these 1-2 days after I pay for lesson).

A bit sado-masochistic, but English language is something I enjoy to use (but not to learn) and in future I could make money from that.

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Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:01 pm
by daylen
@Stahlmann I recommend you pick up the book "The Elements of Style". This book is a classic on english writing/grammar and is less than $5 on amazon.

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Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 5:09 pm
by Stahlmann
daylen wrote:@Stahlmann I recommend you pick up the book "The Elements of Style". This book is a classic on english writing/grammar and is less than $5 on amazon.
The problem is I have got resources to be English language professor, but no willingness to learn from them.

I really enjoy how they structured index page :mrgreen: (so much info on 1 page).

Completed 70% my homework for my tomorrow lesson. I need to sleep ,,the problem" to solve the rest.

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Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:17 pm
by sky
I am doing an online HTML/CSS course to refresh my web skills. It has been very helpful and I have made a website that I needed that otherwise would have cost $thousands instead of the $20 the course cost. I have all the reference books, but I needed some structured explanation on what is important.

I am also doing a Programming in C course but have slacked on this one. Winter time is a good time to pick this up again.

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Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:11 pm
by C40
Here's what I'm currently trying to learn (those which I can remember right now)

- Landscape photography (I'm getting better, but practice/doing it can take a lot of time)
- Writing (Improving my writing by blogging)
- Setting up a blog (appearance, layout, general management, SEO, etc.)
- How to gain Instagram followers quickly (ones who are interested in my content).. Currently experimenting with different types and amounts of automation.
- Outdoor survival skills
- Off-road bicycling technical skills
- Automotive maintenance (I haven't made any progress in a long time though,... I really should now)
- Western U.S. history

Some I should pick up, but haven't bothered with for some time:
- Meditation
- Lucid dreaming

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Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 10:00 am
by rube
I'm using Duolingo to learn an (other) foreign language. So far I have a streak of 49 days I completed at least on lesson.

सरस्वती नमस्तुभ्यं वरदे कामरूपिणी विद्यारम्भं करिष्यामि सिद्धिर्भवतु मेव तत्।

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 10:31 am
by fiby41
fiby41 wrote:
Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:30 am

I have to study Laplace transform (Math) and K-Map upto 5 variables (Digital Electronics) by next week.
Laplace transform again. This time for analog signals.

inverse LT
DTFT by dinner

Laplace inverse of derivative and integration

Cover problems 84 to 89 and 90 to 101 on inverse Laplace transform of linear, repeated linear, quadratic, mixed linear plus quadratic and ILT of inverse/log using derivative/integration today respectively.

Nodal analysis by sunset.

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Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:53 am
by Lemur
rube wrote:
Sat Dec 10, 2016 10:00 am
I'm using Duolingo to learn an (other) foreign language. So far I have a streak of 49 days I completed at least on lesson.
I'm always checking in on Duolingo every now and than to see if they would put up Tagalog (my spouses's language). It would be nice to converse in her language.

Re: Study Log

Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:28 am
by FBeyer
Bayesian Data Analysis.
For some reason universities teach frequentist statistics so I really had no idea what posteriors, prior, supports and conditional probabilities were.
I got Doing Bayesian Data Analysis; A tutorial with R, JAGS, and STAN and I'm taking the minimalist excursion and then I want to try it on some real life data.

I'm doing all the exercises as I go along. I really want to learn how to DO something, not just have a theoretical understanding of it. I also want to learn something on my own terms for once.

The minimalist excursion (as suggested by the author) is: Chap 1-9, 15-16, 25.1.
That covers intro to book, credibility, models, parameters, The R language, Probability, Bayes Rule, Inferring binomial probabilities, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, JAGS, hierarchial models, generalized linear models, metric-predicted variables on one or two groups, reporting bayesian analysis.

So far I've done chap 1-5. which is probably close to the first lecture of a Bayes stats course.

Learned so far: priors, updating priors, conditional probabilties, measures of independence, likelihood and support, effect of priors on posteriors, markov representations, data-order invariance.

Tomorrow: Inferring Binomial Probabilities.

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Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 3:40 am
by FBeyer
Finished chapter and all assigments on exact binomial probabilities using beta distributions and the idea of conjugate priors.
Starting on Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods (Metropolis algorithm and Gibbs sampling).

Every day includes 2 pomodoro study session. And that's it. Just get a little done and mull things over for the next day.

'book I'm writing is now 250 pages. Same as stats: 2 pomodoros every day.

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Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:00 am
by jennypenny
@FB--How do you structure the pomodoros? Normally I don't like them (I like to write in long sessions) but my house is hectic at the moment and I'm forced into shorter work sessions. Do you have a trick for jumping back into it? I spend too much time rereading previous work to pick up the mental thread again.

Re: Study Log

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:41 am
by FBeyer
There is really not much to structure. I'm alone from 9 to 16 so I have all the time I need to work when I want to.
Pomodors only really work as intended if you can shut EVERYTHING out so if you can't coerce the rest of the household to leave you alone there isn't much you can do about that.

If you can't find a quiet space at home to work, I'd suggest going somewhere else, but I'm also a complete fascist when it comes to a clean and quiet working environment.

I subscribed to some time ago and I use their timer to work in Pomodoros. The brain-hack music from focusatwill works tremendously well and the built-in timer makes it a non-issue to align the music with my work.

I have all day to compete 4 pomodoros and a normal office-workday should be somewhere between 8 and 10 so I don't have any suggestions other than: Don't go to work all day and you won't need to work all day :roll:

सरस्वती नमस्तुभ्यं वरदे कामरूपिणी विद्यारम्भं करिष्यामि सिद्धिर्भवतु मेव तत्।

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:22 am
by fiby41
(starting new reply for new chapter instead of editing and adding to previous reply as done previously above)
  • 6.09.2017.
    Complex variables
    Type 1: Analytic Function
    Solve 11 problems in rectangular coordinates using C-R equations

    Fourier Series
    Part 1: Full range Trigonometric Fourier series
    Interval (0,2π)

Re: Study Log

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:10 am
by FBeyer
Starting on exercises for JAGS (Just Another Gibbs Sampler) which is a semi-automated way of performing MCMC sampling.
I really want to finish this, and then read up on hierarchiel modeling, because the need for Gibbs sampling and the requirements are not that obvious to me. Specifically Gibbs sampling is useful when you have an expression for all the conditional distributions, but do not have an expression for the joint posterior.

So Gibbs is good when you do not have:
P({ t_i }|D)

But instead know:
P(t_i| {t_j}, D) where j .ne. i

Visually (inside my mind) this is like taking exact slices through the parameter space in one direction at a time, and you are able to do that for all parameters, but so far I can't see the problem where you'd have this exact formulation, and I still somewhat fail to grasp why the Curse of Dimsionality is not a real problem for Gibbs sampling.

When JAGS and hierarchial modeling is done, I'll be taking a look at an introduction to Information Theory.

I am also learning to sleep on the floor, and to live/sit on the floor (Inspired by Katy Bowman's books). So far I really like floor sleeping. Maybe even to the point where I'm not totally keen on getting back in a fluffy bed.
I still need to work on my sitting mobility, mainly because I royally hurt my right leg a few weeks ago. So floor sitting is made somewhat difficult currently.

Sleeping on the floor gets somewhat cold, so I want to figure out how to solve this best. The best solution so far has been to ditch the yoga mat and sleep on a thin fleece blanket and a big yoga blanket instead. I can't figure out why I feel like sleeping with blankets only is warmer that blanket and yoga mat. Still finding resources on floor sleeping, but they are quite far between.
I've slept on the floor for the last 14 or so.

Re: Study Log

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:42 am
by FBeyer
Done with JAGS and hierarchial modeling. Starting on the Tutorial introduction to Information Theory.

Re: Study Log

Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:44 am
by fiby41
sam128 wrote:
Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:09 am
do ya'll think it's a good idea to go to college in your 40's?
Depends, you'll have to calculate (increase in pay caused by new qualification, multiplied by number of years you plan to work in this new job) minus (loss of salary due to leaving employment plus college costs including fees), times chance of getting this higher paying job. See example 4.

Example 1, my mother did her five year diploma in Russia which is equivalent to MA. But to teach in the university in my country, she required a MA obtained from a university in my country. So she did her second MA in my country after she was 40. By the time she'd completed this MA, she was already teaching in the Russian consulate. So when she joined the university, it was only as a part-time lecturer.

Example 2, forum Fuhrer Jacob's wife (sic: said in context) went to college again to become a CFA

Example 3, forum user Jason has gone to college again to (sic) do everything right this time. He says it was worth it.

Example 4, how I calculate if my degree is being ficonomical (worthy wrt taking me toward FI) in my journal

Calculating hourly cost:
Total cost of BE degree is little under 8 lakhs and FI compliant job requirement is about 200 per hour. College costs 104/hour before classes and 154 to 194 /hour after classes, depending on subject.

I like to think of it this way: Would I/someone pay someone/myself between 192 to 200 an hour, to have had that hour?

Setting point of reference:
2 years back, as mentioned is a previous post, I interviewed for and got a job that paid 51/hour. For the time after exams and before being admited to engineering, it was tempting to take it for the pocket money, for 1 to 2 month(s) . At that time firequirement was 104/hour for fiin24years. As it wasn't fickonomical, so I did not take it and didn't join. Besides it was for night shift.

College raises this 51/hour to 104/hour.
Classes raise this 104/hour to 154/hour.
Swadhyay self-study must raise it to atleast 192/hour

Which is the lower end of the firequirement,
for this whole 8 lakh engineering wager to be worth it,
and for me to break even.

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