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working two jobs

Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2021 2:02 pm
by Viktor K
Interesting article... ... 1628866529

Has a paywall. All of these paywalls I've run into are simply hidden by minor CSS properties or an HTML overlay by the way.

Basically tech workers and other WFH-ers taking two jobs, slacking at both, to cash two paychecks.

Those of you that WFH, where do you fall on the
- more freetime than before
- working more than before

The more proficient I've got at my job (software), the more free-time I've found. Most of my deliverables can be done in a few hours each week.

What about those that you report to, or those of you that have direct reports? How do you / how do you think they would see this?

I've been considering a switch to a higher paying job, but often the work life balance seems to way way less. Maybe doubling salary at a second chill job would be more efficient?

A legal point-of-view weighs in, in the article, claiming that legal consequences are unlikely. Mostly risking your income/reputation.

One correspondent even aimed to cash two paternity leaves at once, one from each of the two companies they worked for.

If legally you're not concerned, do some of you all have ethical concerns about this?

Any other concerns? Would anyone of you consider doing this? Or are any of you already doing this?

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Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2021 3:24 pm
by chenda
I got my part time 20 hrs a week office job down to a de facto 10 hrs working from home. I have considered going back to a nominal full time contract for a full time salary for part time hours.

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Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2021 3:34 pm
by Seppia
I already earn way more than I need by working one job, if I ever managed to reduce working hours I’d just enjoy the extra free time rather than find creative ways to get back to a 9-7 routine

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Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2021 3:42 pm
by Dream of Freedom
Alternatively you could start a business, trade stocks, write a novel, learn a language, take a class, or any one of a dozen of productive things.

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Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2021 3:49 pm
by Jean
It look like money is being given away for free thén, so i'de rather invest thé extra Time into building résiliency against inflation

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Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2021 1:31 am
by mouseyo22
I plan to work two jobs. One job is part time as a retail pharmacy tech but they've assigned me 45 hr next week. I think it will vary between 18-45 hr. The other job will be at a drug rehab center and I plan to work there 16-24 hr a week. So the minimum I would work is 34 hr and the max is 69 hr. It's not about the money for me but the experience. These jobs are both paying me minimum wages in CA.

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Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2021 1:34 am
by SavingWithBabies
I did this for about 5-6 months. Backstory was a former coworker/friend was leading a startup backed by a bigger company and wanted me to join. I did so but was worried it might fold (they wanted to do an ICO or Initial Coin Offering back when that was hot). I was skeptical but said I'd do it if I could stick with the day job for a bit too. Did both for about 5 months, told the day job I was quitting and then found out the startup was shutting down so walked it back and stuck with the day job at same employer for a while longer.

I did like putting an extra ~5 months of contracting money into investments (more securities). It worked because the day job was the slowest job I'd ever worked (really drove me up the wall) and it felt like I was purely a resource with one function at that company. So I was able to do both jobs. But it was a lot of focus/effort and I started to burn out towards the end so that was why I was going to quit and go back to one job.

Would I do it again? For a little while, yes. But it was about 80 hours/week and I wouldn't try to do that long term. Tricky bits were juggling meetings and onsite visits (not a problem these days). But it was also hard mentally just because it was tiring and took up a lot of time. I would definitely instead do 5-20 hours of contract work per week for quite a while with the understanding of flexibility/moonlighting/etc.

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Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2021 8:51 pm
by Lemur
My current job lives rent-free in my head so I couldn't imagine two...I'm swimming upstream though in a culture that is up-or-out but I think that last bit just might be my burnout.

I wound not try two jobs...don't have a reason to these days but if I was starting back from square one financially I probably would suck it up and try something more extreme like that.

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Posted: Wed Aug 18, 2021 12:04 pm
by WFJ
I currently wfh and it's elongating my work life as the in-office experience is less than desirable. If I had to install a mouse moving program to prove I was at my desk 40+ hours a week, it might be different. I recently tried a second job (exploratory position with high real option value), but took more time and energy than main job, had to disclose all working arrangements, potential conflicts of interest and just did it for a few months (too tedious).

In the US, state employment laws vary so much that it would be nearly impossible to make a blanket statement about the legality of having multiple jobs in more than just one state. Personally, I disclose everything, even if not required. I've almost always had two jobs, but the second was usually a hobby job, work at a golf course 5-10 hours a week, play free golf, work at bike shop, get parts at cost, a hobby job that either pays for the hobby or for a social fund, something like this.

Those who can easily find second professional jobs are most likely underpaid at their current employer and would probably be better off finding higher pay somewhere else rather than juggling multiple positions in secret. I've been a career job-hopper and spent more time developing my skills than greasing the wheels of corporate hierarchy and has worked out well for the last 20-ish years. It can also be quite wise to always be looking for a job as one can't control many aspects of their employment status.

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Posted: Tue Sep 07, 2021 3:50 pm
by Viktor K

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Posted: Tue Sep 07, 2021 7:59 pm
by Scott 2
If you are going to work that hard, why not do the LeetCode big tech grind?

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Posted: Wed Sep 08, 2021 10:28 am
by Viktor K

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Posted: Wed Sep 08, 2021 1:57 pm
by Scott 2
Man, that's so close. Did you play the practice interview game too?

I've been observing the culture a little on blind, primarily out of curiosity. I have friends who are IMO working for too little, and so it's fascinating to see what could be. I am toying with code challenges as hobby. So far (very early, like 20 into code signal arcade), they are cheap amusement. I am almost 20 years removed from my CS degree, so there is ramp up required.

Does the tech work feel like a pure trade of time for money to you?

I'd see having one more challenging job as an investment in personal growth. You have to learn (or get luckier) to earn it. You develop from collaborating with others who could meet the high standard. You gain the perspective of a seat behind the curtain. You permanently keep a network of high earners to draw upon, even when you move on to other things. If FIRE plans change, you operate from a position of status and strength.

Something I am finding with FIRE - certain backgrounds are much more compatible with both picking up a little work and being an interesting person. In hindsight, I would have paid more attention to the reputation of my employer and the broader applicability of my work. I also undervalued the importance of quality experiences during accumulation. I was largely transactional in my strategy. As a result, I missed good things and underappreciated very positive work relationships. So, I have some bias.

Two jobs could quickly yield a non-complementary web of goals. And there's the ~40% hit to your incremental income from taxes, medicare, social security, etc. At that point, IMO - more than money needs to be on the table. Try and find out seems like a reasonable path forward, but I'd be nervous about excitement over money (greed? insecurity?) locking me into a bad time.

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Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2021 10:59 am
by Viktor K

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Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2021 1:16 pm
by WFJ
A positive relationship with a boss is worth 2x-5x the base salary. I am a career job-hoper and yet never left a position with a positive boss relationship that I still stay in contact with. My last two (and current) job-hoping motivation are due to resignation of boss and replacement of unknown/lesser quality supervisor.

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Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2021 2:09 pm
by Scott 2
40% is the rough rule of thumb I used while working, for taxes on an incremental dollar. When another $1000 is really only $600, the money becomes less compelling.

Looking more closely - Texas doesn't have a state income tax, you will be filling out the 24% federal bracket, and (next year anyway) you'll max out social security contributions. 30% is a better approximation of the cut I'd expect on your incremental $120k, which lines up well with your $150k take home estimate.

When I worked at an agency, we had to track billable hours. You are doing well when a full time employee can bill 75% of their week. I think you can keep the companies happy. I more wonder about your quality of life.

For me - work relationships provided an easy way to collaborate and bond with very capable people. Stress brings people together. A ton of hiring energy went into filtering that pool. Someone else would regularly setup social events. Because it had always been present, I largely took it for granted. In hindsight, the social situation was good. Activities covered a broad range - hitting the bar together all the way to a couple resort trips. They are what I remember most fondly.

I always looked down on the idea that someone would make work their life. I'm not so harsh on that anymore. It makes a lot of sense when trying to build a complementary web of goals.

Now that I am removed, I better see that high caliber people are busy - primarily with careers and kids. It's not really practical for them to divert energy into tangential relationships. I have a few relationships that I kept, but I'm lucky if we can visit once in a month. Compared to the daily, intense interactions - it's a big shift.

I would say that may be different in the sub-30 age group. It's when kids and the big jobs hit, that things really change.

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Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2021 5:50 pm
by unemployable
Viktor K wrote:
Thu Sep 09, 2021 10:59 am
For taxes, I got $66k take home at current $85k salary, $150k takehome with two jobs. So what am I missing? Is it calculated differently if it's two jobs paying rather than 1? I assumed it was just total taxable income.
If you're single you're right around the level where most of the phaseouts kick in. This is mostly a concern if you itemize or have substantial income from other sources. You're already too high to contribute directly to a Roth IRA, although you can always backdoor. Also both jobs will probably withhold for Social Security as if each were your only job so you'll specifically have to take a credit for the amount withheld over the limit.

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Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 2:45 pm
by Viktor K