Niche Ecommerce Ideas?

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Niche Ecommerce Ideas?

Post by alex123711 »

I would like to start an e commerce site, just looking for ideas for a niche product to sell, ideally something other $100 that has been around for a while any ideas?

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Re: Niche Ecommerce Ideas?

Post by Lemur »

Well you won't get a direct answer - if I had a niche ecommerce idea I'd keep it to myself :D

But if I could give a way to discover this one yourself ... these things come organically. My Spouse's business is a personal example. Being as vague as possible...she got a Christmas gift (or was it an Anniversary gift? I can't remember...), a few year years ago. She wanted to exchange it for something else long-term so she sold it. What she didn't expect is that she sold it for more money than she bought it. Snowballed from here...can I repeat this? She bought another one and resold it online for more money still. The rest is history (bulk purchasing, finding suppliers, protecting your idea/assets from others).

This was risky of course. What if this one off was a fluke (the first couple of sales) but since she was able to repeat the process several times so confidence grew and a repeatable process was formed.

My idea for you is to think about the problem you're trying to solve differently. Take a chance at something. You're gonna have to throw down a little bit of money (no risk = no reward after-all). Perhaps find something on Alibaba that can be ordered in bulk and resold for profit per unit. Crosscheck this against something like Amazon though to see if the margin is worth it.

For example, you could buy 100 spoons off of Alibaba for $0.20 a spoon. You check Amazon and find a very similar spoon for $0.50 per unit. That is $0.30 gross margin. After shipping costs and your time spent, is it worth it to build a sales pipeline and market these spoons? That is your determination. Perhaps you even can do a "value-add" on these spoons - maybe you paint them somehow, or laser engrave motivational messages or something and now sell the spoons for $4.99 each and make them trendy (marketing). Or what if you buy the materials themselves, put the materials together to build something, and then sell. Now you've a price point to sell which equals the cost of materials + your labor in time + profit margin.

Creativity is necessary in a world where most of products on the shelves people already have or don't really 'need'. Its up to you as the seller to convince them that they need it...

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