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What to study in a three month lockdown

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 2:42 pm
by Polp
Good evening dear forum users,

since I’m very new to this forum please let me briefly introduce myself first. I first came into touch with ERE with MMM a couple of years ago during university. I’ve been investing relatively small amounts of money ever since (even though that was not too much since I was a student). Today I finished reading the ERE book and liked it a lot. I work in Spain as an engineer.

Due to the COVID19 crisis I'm in a really "interesting" situation:
I can't leave my flat for the next three weeks except for grocery shopping and other essential things (total lockdown in Spain). Due to this exceptional situation I might also not be able to work for the next 100days even though I get paid about 2/3 of my salary. Thanks to the ERE lifestyle I’ve been developing during the last years that will hopefully not bring me into financial trouble even when things get worse in a couple of months.

So what I was wondering was if you have any suggestions on how to efficiently use this time for learning. My plan is to study for about 6h every day (that's what worked best for me at university).
  • I’m interested in first aid / emergency medical services so I’d like to study this for a couple of hours. My goal is to become competent enough to know what to do when some kind of emergency appears. Maybe you know some good resources for that for free online?
  • I’m also really interested in economics and finance so I’d like to study in this field as well. My goal would be to roughly learn what would be taught in an MBA. I already viewed some of the Yale and MIT classes in that field but I never really studied them in detail. Do you have suggestions on where to start and what resources to use?
  • I also thought about volunteering in health care somehow since the situation here is getting worse quickly (similar to Italy). I might learn a lot there as well while I'm actually helping out.
  • I'm open to suggestions. What else could I study? I might have three months ahead and will probably have to stay at home so I could likely learn the theory of some trade in that time.
Maybe someone is in a similar situations. I would really appreciate any suggestions :)

Re: What to study in a three month lockdown

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 2:58 pm
by jacob
The ERE startup curriculum for finance, economics, and investing? There are some threads in the Money Questions section and some have already started reading the McConnell Economics book although efforts seem to have stalled lately.

Re: What to study in a three month lockdown

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 3:34 pm
by Polp
Thank you Jacob, that might be more than enough for three months ;)

I'll have to figure out how to get those books though. I haven't found and eBook version yet. Let's see if Amazon will still send them to me.

Edit: Just found out that one of the books is the course textbook of MIT Finance Theory 1: ... /index.htm