managing "knowledge" and "wisdom"

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managing "knowledge" and "wisdom"

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I'm prolly in the younger part of the forum, but I think I'm getting dumb and dumber day by day.

current state: feeling numb and even loosing "knowledge" from uni
ideal outcome: being able to sustain Fachidiot job+some investing skills+some DIY skills

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Re: managing "knowledge" and "wisdom"

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I think as we get older we give up precision for productivity, which feels like getting dumber but is not necessarily bad.

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Re: managing "knowledge" and "wisdom"

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Memory is probably not best thought of as "knowing" versus "not knowing". The most basic principle underlying epistemology (of neural nets such as the brain) is Hebb's rule. [Neurons/nodes/bits] that [fire/trigger/execute] together, [wire/connect/couple] together. Make substitutions as you see fit.

A useful distinction can be made between Ni and Si. Ni = universal knowing and Si = particular knowing.

Ni compiles metaphors or similarities on top of each other over and over until they merge into a single 'thing' that acts as a crystal ball. Breaking this crystal ball apart to see how it works is not possible without loosing its magical ability. ====> hence the obsession with archetypes, wizards, magic, etc.

Si follows a trail of bread crumbs leading to a prize/outcome. Nothing is being compiled so it is a bit more resilient to corruption [of details]. This also means that this trail of information is not really 'found' but only stumbled upon by accident. Otherwise, the trail becomes more like a tree with multiple intersections and eventually a network with no 'start' or 'end' points (Ni).

Meaning that information is seldom 'lost', rather the emergent structure or topology of the information shifts in a way that feels like it is. This is a bit hard to explain because for me this is based more on visualization. What was once a distinction may become a coupling and what was once a whole may be broken into parts. This is true for any [personality] type and delineation of types at the neurological level seems to be based on difficult to measure factors.

INTP's in particular tend to lean more towards the reduction of complied 'globs' into modular pieces that can be built into something. Yet, without Ni these builds do not seem to amount to anything more than a pedagogical tool. The function in the stack that corresponds more to 'wisdom' is 6th slot and for INTP's this function is Ni. At times it may be best not to analyze and to just 'listen' to what the crystal ball predicts.
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Re: managing "knowledge" and "

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May the universal form, bless me with wisdom...
May my body become active. May my tongue speak sweetly. May my ears hear everything well. You are the repository of Brahman, and are hidden by the intellect: May my memory protect me. Om peace, peace, peace.
Let the goddess of intellect shower her grace,
May we give up smalltalk and speak like heros among men
May we who were grief stricken, before she came,
Become greatly intelligent and know the truth.
By your grace one becomes a saint,
One becomes learned, one becomes rich,
Showered by your grace one gets different kinds of wealth,
And so goddess of wealth, give us wealth and intellect.
Let Indra give me intelligence,
Let Sarasvati give me intelligence,
Let the twin Ashvins support my intelligence,
For they wear the garlands of lotuses.
Apsaras posses intelligence,
Gandarvas possess intelligence,
Goddess of intelligence is Sarasvati,
Let thy intelligence spread like fragrance
I offer you without any reservations.
Intelligence is glorious in form and is like nectar,
Intelligence is golden and pervades the entire universe,
Intelligence is powerful and is sought after continuously,
Let it come to me with love and favour me.
May Agni grant us the intelligence and the glow of the chanting from memory,
May Lord Indra grant us intelligence and the strength arising from the control of one’s senses,
May the Surya grant us intelligence and the strength to create fear in the enemy’s heart.
Let me meditate on the Goddess of Speech,
Oh, wife of Lord Brahma, give me higher intellect,
May Goddess of Speech illuminate my mind.
May we realize the sense of discernment,
Let us meditate on that absolute sense of discernment,
May that sense of discernment, illuminate us.
Request we for peace, peace and peace.

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