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Re: Looking for a new job

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I once took a really useful career workshop called "Dependable strengths."
In it, we did a number of brainstorming exercises to remember past activities & experiences that met the following three criteria:
Something you're proud of, that you did well, and enjoyed.

After considering this over a few hours, you'll find you have a list of experiences from work, volunteering, hobbies etc, that start to congeal around some central themes of your talent and enjoyment. Then, you write a short summary document that describes the characteristics of the kind of work to do. (not a specific job description, more general than that) You can then share this document with with networking contacts, or just use it as an exercise in figuring out what you should be doing.

If you have the opportunity to do the workshop- often it's offered at college career centers, it can be useful since you're with others which can spark ideas, but you can do this on your own too.

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Re: Looking for a new job

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A couple noted traps of doing what one loves:
1) It becomes drudgery. (Vintage textiles and housewares dealer in Butte, MT)
2) One puts up with bad working conditions, pay, treatment, etc. (me)

Knowing how to maintain boundaries and when to call it quits is vital if you follow a passion. (I suck at this so no tips there.)

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