Finished a online coding bootcamp...

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Re: Finished a online coding bootcamp...

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What job market (aka city) are you in? I used to teach bootcamps and can try to hook you up with some consulting firms. If you're US based you should be getting 30/hr min

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Re: Finished a online coding bootcamp...

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Could you automate part of your current job with the skills you learned? Maybe make life easier and reach a point where you are no longer junior?

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Re: Finished a online coding bootcamp...

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I've been working in IT for hmmm. a long time.
What some employers like to see is a project or two you've made yourself. You could make a little demo thing and put it onto
GitHub or BitBucket.
Employers are always looking for Junior Developers/Programmers so they want people who have an interest and are intelligent but they
don't expect you to know everything. In fact, it is good to get people in early to train them the 'right way' to do things.
e.g. using standard design patterns, putting comments/logging, creating unit and integration tests etc.
Don't sweat it, the first job is the most difficult to get, after that, agencies essentially pester you to look at other jobs.

Yes, technologies change but if you pick the correct main language to use, they just slowly evolve with new features.
For example, I started using Java in 1997 and I was using it today. Many of the surrounding technologies are far more recent.
The other staple technology is relational databases/SQL. They are as old as dirt and will still be around in ten years because they are so
Another good thing that employers like is certification exams. e.g. Oracle Certified Java Associate/Programmer/Developer etc.
Or Certified Oracle 11G Administrator kind of thing. You can get the books for those courses cheaply and download practice exams to see
the style of questions.
Keep plugging away.

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