How to deal with performance ratings in workplace

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Re: How to deal with performance ratings in workplace

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Augustus wrote:
Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:25 pm
You know that managers are often not allowed to give everyone high ratings right? A client of mine upset their employees because managers that were formerly allowed to handout straight A's to everyone were instead forced to make sure that the ratings balanced out to C's. So all of a sudden everyone started getting C's.

Performance ratings are TPS reports, I would care about them as much as I care about writing TPS reports. You're in it for the money. I literally picture dollars falling from the sky and landing on my desk while I work. The dollars are the reason I work, not the TPS reports.
To the OP, I share this sentiment. I've been on the end of bad reviews and raving reviews. In both cases my work ethic was about the was merely a matter of being in a right place / wrong place and rubbing the right person / wrong person a certain way.

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