Getting a notification when getting flagged or posts are deleted

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Getting a notification when getting flagged or posts are deleted

Post by FBeyer » Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:06 am

I've noticed that at least one of my posts have been deleted. Whether more than one has been deleted I can't really tell. Overall the deletion doesn't matter as much to me than the absence of notification thereof.

Personally I would like to be notified when a post of mine gets deleted or if it gets flagged as inappropriate. If there was an automatic system in place then I actually have a chance to start seeing a pattern in what is deemed inappropriate by the community and what is deemed so inappropriate that an admin removes it. Automaticity would also mean that it's not extra work for an admin to delete posts while still letting the culprit know about the infraction.

I'm pretty certain that whatever has been removed has been one-liners of tangential relevance so it's not like I'm heartbroken or butthurt, I just realized that in case I'm pissing people off on a regular basis then I don't really have an accurate idea of just how often my posts are deleted. Feedback is crucial for learning after all.

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Re: Getting a notification when getting flagged or posts are deleted

Post by jacob » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:06 am

Everybody can click the "!" icon (highly encouraged), which gives me a notification. But I'm (jacob) the only one who can delete posts. Notifying people is not automatic and therefore extra work for me.

(There's a post describing the forum's moderation strategy that sits on top as a global announcement. I presume everybody has read it :-P )

I don't think you'll be able to see a pattern in one event. If I detect a pattern in some user I will let them know via PM, insofar it's just them, or in the thread if there's a bunch of them, and hopefully, it will resolve and not repeat.

I've been doing it this way for almost 8 years now and the method is working pretty well. Basically, I'm trying to spend as little as possible on my energy on the "adult day care center"-aspect of the forum and so providing feedback on a single incident(s) is not going to happen.

Also consider that most people would probably prefer to let it slide rather than hear from me. It's like being a traffic cop. If you drive past one of those signs that flashes if you're over the speed limit, would you prefer some cop to pull you over and explain what those mysterious flashes were? I think most wouldn't.

PS: I locked the thread because the mod strategy is not up for public discussion. Basically, I'm doing it this way because it works. Also, see Chesterton's Fence.