Need help (forum spambot countermeasures)

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Re: Need help (forum spambot countermeasures)

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Time for a confession: I think this mysterious "spammer" was me!

I created an account and lurked for a long time. As a proper busy person who never reads disclaimers and merely scrolls down as quick as possible to hit "accept," I never read the code of conduct for the forum. Thus, my first post ever contained a link, got marked as spam, and I was banned forever. (I was just trying to help some people find a good water filter, it's something I'm passionate about!)

Then, I tried in vain to get back on the forums by creating new accounts. It was right around the time this thread was started. I figured if I tried enough one would get approved, but Jacob was NOT having it haha. I had to use my fiance's computer before I finally got approved again. I don't know why it didn't occur sooner that my IP address must have been flagged. I guess I was desperate for my ERE fix and wasn't thinking straight :)

Anyway, maybe that will quell some of the fears that a horde of nasty scammers is trying to burst down the gates. Or, maybe my plight happened simultaneously to all this and it's just a coincidence.

TLDR: don't throw a hyperlink in your first post.

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Re: Need help (forum spambot countermeasures)

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Possible questions.

How about some maths questions in text? i.e. If you had to multiply two identical numbers to get sixty four, what is the square root of that multiplying number?

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