Jacob discusses ERE on E-R

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Re: Jacob discusses ERE on E-R

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hello, darkness my old friend :D

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Re: Jacob discusses ERE on E-R

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hahaha hi stahlman

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I dunno, I'm still concerned about the World3 model showing systemic collapse around 2020-2030. That should be the end of consumerism. This means that the DIY aspect of ERE will become important. Real returns in the financial markets will simply go negative.
However unlike my past doomer self, I think the world will adapt much quicker. I just saw the second article in under two weeks (from two different countries and two different demographics) about how people are shunning cars because gas has gotten too expensive. [The one thing I wouldn't want to do is to get stuck with a house in suburbia. That's ultimately going to be like dotcom stock from the year 2000.]
Most of this has been spot on. Though I can't tell if consumerism is dying or not. I think it just has taken a different form..travel, experiences, green tech, etc.

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