Forum timing out/posts dissapearing

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Forum timing out/posts dissapearing

Post by Bankai »

When clicking either 'preview' or 'submit' button, the forum times out and resets to log in screen. This started to happen about 1-2 months ago and is quite annoying as I don't always remember to copy the post before submitting (previously it only happened when submitting very long post while nowadays even a few-liner can time me out). I already lost quite a lot of time having to retype stuff from scratch. Is there a way to tinker with setting as to not log off users so early?

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Re: Forum timing out/posts dissapearing

Post by jacob »

Possibly related to your ISP or VPN usage? The forum security requires the first three fields of your IP to stay the same while logged in. Your 400+ posts have come from almost 100 widely different IP addresses with 80% of them coming from the top five addresses.

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Re: Forum timing out/posts dissapearing

Post by ffj »

In the past when this has happened to me, I sign back in and hit the back button until MOST times the text reappears.

A way to prevent this from happening is to hit preview a lot, but sometimes you just lose everything. Extremely frustrating I know, but usually the culprit is taking a long time to post something.

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Re: Forum timing out/posts dissapearing

Post by bigato »

Because I access internet through questionable means nowadays and my connection is not always reliable, I got into the habit of always writing the answer in a text editor before pasting to the website, except in very small posts like this one.

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