When to Move

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When to Move

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I grabbed this from the religion thread.
jacob wrote: Actually what I'd like to know is ... suppose you're going to be persecuted, how do you decide when to move to avoid both type 1 (serious opportunity cost) and type 2 errors (usually death).
The Ten Stages of Genocide from Genocide Watch

http://www.genocidewatch.org/genocide/t ... ocide.html

I would probably go at two or, at the latest, three. My lifestyle naturally minimizes Type 1 costs.

Some are calling the situation for white South African farmers a genocide. It is interesting that the genocide is happening in the rural parts of the country while the cities remain (relatively) business as usual. This is a common characteristic of genocides, but is one of the aspects we never seem to learn.

I have a white South African friend who left in the seventies when stage one was intolerable for him. Back then the apartheid-enslaved blacks and so-called coloreds were the victims and his group the oppressor. He was more far sighted than most and he was young so Type 1 costs were minimal.

If I anticipated high Type 1 costs for myself I would try to be very mindful of my natural loss aversion which, history shows, leads many victims to their Type 2 error.

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