Steel-man Challenge

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Steel-man Challenge

Post by daylen »

In light of a recent thread, I wonder if there exist some under-utilized mechanism that can help stabilize threads before they escalate to political warfare?

It does not appear to me that two or more individuals in the mist of escalating disagreement can reliably initiate their own steel-man challenge so my proposal is that a third party must intervene. The third party signals a challenge and identifies what the sides are in a simplified yet non-condescending manner without specifying who is part of what side. Any participants must then steel-man the side opposing their natural orientation without any transgression in their following post on that thread. From there, the reward/incentive for doing so is not only a break from combat but also hopefully a gain in empathy leading to less future conflict. Perhaps this is a ritual that can be learned and embedded into any community that wishes to attract independent and truthful thinkers.

Haven't thought much about this, so I assume there are perverse incentives I am not accounting for. I just thought I would throw the idea out there. Perhaps it is worth trying if it prevents threads being closed and/or people leaving the forums altogether.

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Re: Steel-man Challenge

Post by Ego »

This is an excellent idea.

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Re: Steel-man Challenge

Post by zero »

That wasn't political warfare what you just experienced, it was a personal attack and I responded. Politics had nothing to do with that unfortunately, it was just a subtext used to try to demonize another. I don't take pride in shutting down threads but I'm not going to take such a slur. Netiquette indeed. Sorry but not sorry.

That's a good idea though daylen. Thank you for looking for solutions.