COVID19 and boycotting Chinese made

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Re: COVID19 and boycotting Chinese made

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The Union of India was founded by Fabians. Unfortunately (and perhaps ironically) the Indians chose to go full England at the exact point in modern history when England had its least functional political ideas.

That is past now. India is embracing markets and growing rapidly. At the same time, its situation is so vastly different to that of China it couldnt copy the Chinese system if it wanted to.

States like Vietnam are another story entirely. As are some historically Western-looking East Asian states such as Thailand, Philippines, and ultimately possibly even Japan and Australia. They could very plausibly start looking to China as a model.

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Re: COVID19 and boycotting Chinese made

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Another 118 Chinese apps were banned just now under IT Act of 2019 after a standoff yesterday in Ladakh over

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