New Gun Laws Take Effect in Texas, Sept 1, 2019

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New Gun Laws Take Effect in Texas, Sept 1, 2019

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Texas have loosened rules as to where guns can be carried.

Texas can now be the test state of that theory of whether having more guns around bring about a safer place.

Of course, I think folks minds are probably already made up. But will be interesting, say in a couple of years to see what the statistics show.
In less than a month, a bulk of new gun laws will take effect in Texas, opening up more opportunities for Texans to have guns and store ammunition in public places.

Funerals for the 22 people killed in El Paso Aug. 3, in one of the deadliest mass shootings to take place in U.S. history, are still being planned. Texans grapple with the shock and grief from the carnage at a Walmart on a busy Saturday morning, just weeks away from gun-friendly laws taking effect.

From churches to public schools to foster homes, the new laws loosen restrictions on where you can have a gun. ... 943416001/

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