$$$ for your firearms

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Re: $$$ for your firearms

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Well, the first thing I would recommend is to ask around the family, to see if anyone else wants to have a material link to past generations. I know plenty of people still carrying a grudge against the family member who sold off an heirloom, and that kind of drama is best avoided...

As a general rule, firearms and vehicles are only a problem if ammunition is also present. Unload them, put them in the trunk, wrapped in a blanket, go to a good sized gun shop that sells on consignment, and let them deal with it. Bring empty magazines, and any other incidentals like cases, tools or documents.

Reloading equipment, ammo, and supplies can just be listed on Craigslist.

One can look up a value range by searching GunBroker.com. remember that firearms have high transaction costs (buyer's FFL fee, seller's FFL fee, postage). But a consignment shop will charge a percentage.

FFLs (Federal Firearms Licencee) are subject to regular inspections by a local BATFE agent and will get all the paperwork straight, and make sure you are covered, legally. That's the business they are in, and they aren't going to jeopardize it for some used guns.

California is a special case, so I would go speak to the guy behind the counter at my local gun shop, beforehand. He or she will clear up local rules. Bring a list of makes/models (usually stamped into the barrel and/or receiver.) Or just use your phone to take pics.

Old hunting guns tend to go to collectors, who tend to hoard them in gun safes. Just, I expect, where someone who has guns, and doesn't want guns, would want the old guns to go.

Oddly, it's the pelts/furs/skins that could get you in trouble. Having possession of the parts of endangered species can be a real problem. Bald eagle feathers are worth a $5k fine and jail time, each. I am not aware of any process to legally dispose of these items. I remember one of our recent expresidents pardoned someone along these lines on the way out of the WH, but I don't remember which one, probably Clinton.

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Re: $$$ for your firearms

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My local police station will take possession of any unwanted firearms and destroy them or give them to police who want them. Some paperwork required. I’m surprised that isn’t an option for some of you.

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Re: $$$ for your firearms

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Thanks FFJ. Not quite there yet.

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Re: $$$ for your firearms

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Someone I know that came into some guns sold them to either Cabela's or Gander Mountain, I can't remember which. The company was very easy to work with and the person was happy with the deal. They are big companies so I think it is safe to assume they are going to follow the relevant laws.

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