Tulsi 2020: Anti-war Democrat says she’s running for US president

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Re: Tulsi 2020: Anti-war Democrat says she’s running for US president

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It's o.k. because it is Obama and this little exchange means nothing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mgQaFlo_p8

When the Clinton campaign hired a British spy to create a dossier using Russian contacts, which in turn was used as evidence in FISA courts to allow spying on her political opponent and help launch a 2 year investigation which yielded no evidence of collusion, then again it's o.k. because it was Hillary Clinton. Strangely the dossier and its origins were never investigated during those two years.

Uranium sales to the Russians? I vote yes, says Clinton

$500,000 for a single speech for the hubby paid by the Russians? Hillary says there is nothing to see

Hundreds of millions of dollars of contributions by the Russians and other governments to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State? They wanted to stop HIV, says Clinton. No explanation why the contributions stopped after her 2016 loss.

Calling an actual KKK member who started a new chapter of the Klan back in West Virginia your mentor and highly praising him at his funeral, clearly is not a sign of racism for the Clinton's. Byrd stopped all that before entering public service so that doesn't count. Besides, Bill said that was just what you had to do as a Democrat back in the day.

Joe Biden strong armed the Ukrainians into dropping an investigation into his son while VP, and bragged about it. But that was Obamas VP, so it's o.k. Besides, Trump had the audacity to ask for a favor so we know that's treasonous.

O.K., enough of the sarcasm but keep in mind it's all partisanship. Ignore everything wrong on your side and fantasize about the worst thing imaginable your opponent could be interpreted of doing. I bring all of those examples up above to show there is absolutely NO consistency in how these things are reported or dissected. Oh, and I loathe the Clintons . :D

Ego brought up a good point about where we get our news, but the days of going to one or two sites and trusting them are over. We have to develop our own individual standard for truth and even and fair reporting.

So Dave, to answer what I think about Obama interfering in Canada's elections? I guess Obama isn't going to follow the script of outrage over blackface, so the message is going to be about his generosity and goodwill towards our neighbors to the North. He's not Russian, silly. :)

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Re: Tulsi 2020: Anti-war Democrat says she’s running for US president

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jacob, if I'm understanding you correctly re Gabbard, I'd agree she's not the elder stateswoman in the exchange and her response was arguably a bit over the top as is commensurate with the environment and her relatively youthful passion. I think she was a medic over there on her first tour and that's a view through which a strong aversion to war is easily and understandably arrived at. At the same time Gabbard is the daughter of a politician and seems to have had her eyes fixed on being a politician from early on, so she clearly has and has had the political optics in mind.

I'm not an expert in Latin dropped into English but if I understand you there I don't know that she's talked specifically what her exit strategy is. That kind of thinking arguably should have taken place prior to getting directly involved to start with. We went over and helped the Kurds rid themselves of ISIS (which wasn't a completely altruistic gesture on our part obviously), and the million dollar question is indeed, "So now what?" Say what you will about Trump, but he's a leader and took action that has drawn widespread criticism. However, among the critics it's not common to hear alternate ideas proposed other than to maintain the status quo (interestingly, that's a useful definition of conservatism). Unfortunately in some parts of the world subduing one enemy just clears the way for another enemy to rise up.

I completely agree re elevating the conversation and standing down on "us vs them" applied internally. I remember a time when it was not so, or at least much less so, in the US.

I've made a career of sorts out of conveying complexity to people who don't have the time or inclination to grapple with it in detail. Granted, the complexity is not at the same level of some of this happening on the world stage (and it's technical complexity, and therefore generally devoid of the human parameter). The obvious "trick" to it is extracting the elements that impact the stakeholders and framing things in those terms. I'm afraid too many of our government leaders have identified themselves as the stakeholders (the rest of us are just revenue sources), which means they believe they can say anything to the rest of us so long as it suits themselves. Despite our brains' ability to manipulate logic, humans are largely creatures of emotion, and that's the easiest way to divide us into manageable cohorts and herd us. The "sportsball" analogy is apt for that.

One of the things that worries me is that we are arguably on the cusp of the voters no longer holding the ultimate power. It seems the establishment (which includes the unelected bureaucracy aka deep state) seems to feel they have veto authority.

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Re: Tulsi 2020: Anti-war Democrat says she’s running for US president

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Tulsi was on Joe Rogan's podcast again, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdYud9re7-Q

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