Is Inequality Inevitable?

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Re: Is Inequality Inevitable?

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No worries. I actually thought I might be the one Jacob was calling out for obnoxious punk behavior, especially given the fact that I linked an obnoxious punk song on other thread.

OTOH, "Don't be a punk" is one of the very few minor statements in the "ERE" book with which I have a quibble. In my mind, being a punk is a way of exhibiting strong juvenile masculine energy, and sometimes in life that is the energy that you have to bring. For instance, any time you are dealing with an overbearing, much larger and more powerful tyrant type towards whom direct opposition would be futile. If you are of the type most likely to call out "Hey Emperor! You don't have any clothes. Ha,ha,ha..." then you sure as hell had better have some strong punk moves in your skill set if you hope to successfully make your escape from that scene.

Anyways, I would also note by way of drawn out analogy that I don't necessarily think that "on the basis of cuteness" is in alignment with the most sagacious allocation of the variously distributed masculine attributes I mention above, but reality can often be a harsh mistress. (sigh)

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Re: Is Inequality Inevitable?

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Re: Is Inequality Inevitable?

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Evolution and nature show that gathering resources and concentrating them is not evil and considering how likely we are to die from asteroids or other extinction level events it could be said that no matter how immoral we may or may not be now so long as we advance towards terraforming and create places for new lives to be born and live in abundance we could be said to be net positive morally

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