What you can do to spread the word about ERE

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Post by jacob » Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:43 pm

I'm starting this thread because more than one person has emailed me and asked me what they could do to help spread the word about ERE. (Or other kinds of words for that matter.)
Motivations may be many: Creating more like-minded people at your age for FI/RE, building robust sustainable cultures, preparing for doom, entrepreneuring, etc. (basically what's in section 1.1 of the book)
So here are some ideas
1) Facebook (tell your friends, "like" the ERE page)
2) Twitter
3) Forums (other than this one)
4) Blogs (other than this one) (could be your own, or in comments, don't spam however)
5) Goodreads (add me as a friend) or shelfari.com.
6) Amazon (reviews really help, not just amazon.com, also amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, etc. + bn.com and other places)
7) Squidoo, hubpages, etc.
8) Book clubs (if you're a member)
9) Libraries (get your library to carry the book, usually they'll have a form (online or paper) you can fill out). You can see which libraries that have procured it.
10) Bookstores (get your local bookstore to carry it, may be trickier). Coffee shops, especially in intellectual circles, like college towns, may be easier.
11) Workshops where like-minded people meet. For instance, minimalists, travelers, permaculturists, doomers, ...
12) Sympathetic people with a lot of clout. (They don't need to be famous. Maybe you know a blogger or local radio guy personally; or maybe you could "work on" that facebook friend of yours who always seem to have 30 comments on everything he/she says.)
13) School paper
14) Newspaper (maybe you know a journalist)
15) Your customers (if you want to resell the book---and have a reseller permit---you can get it at wholesale prices)
16) Bookmarks (hand them out to interested parties, leave them where allowed, include one if you sell stuff on amazon, ...)
17) Design a t-shirt (let me know if you do)
As with anything, you will have the most success if you find "virgin territory" which is "fertile". For instance, I have not talked about permaculture a lot and thus permaculture is somewhat virgin to ERE, but many things are compatible and so it is also fertile.
I would also suggest using methods you're already familiar with. If you're active on facebook, use that. If you're a goodreads veteran, use that. If you're a top 100 amazon reviewer, go that way, etc.
If you do want to make a difference, a lot of difference is made simply be doing something and doing it persistently. Out of a random group, 20% will take action and do something and out of those, 20% will do it persistently. This results in 4% which is pretty much the leader/follower ratio, that is, the influence/influenced ratio. In a sense, I'm a four-percenter. If you implement ERE in silence, you're a twenty-percenter.

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