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There is something faster than early retirement. Never joining the culture of work in the first place.
My brother in law:

-went to college to become a cook and paid his way through

-moved to vancouver island

-built his own house boat with some friends

-catches lots of his own food - oyster lines, lobster traps, & fishing

-has friends who grow their own fruits and veggies who he barters with trading fish and his own time/skills

-works seasonally as a cook during tourist season

-has his own little business taking tourists out for tours in his little boat

-uses a bicycle, feet and hitchhiking to get around... and his little boat (hitchhiking is not as taboo on the island as most places in North America)
His costs are miniscule - low hundreds each month - food, utilities, docking and gas for his boat He is able to not work for many months of the year and spends many days surfing and woodworking.
One day when my son grows up, I am going to explain to him that there are multiple ways to get through life. One of them (surfing all day) is a lot more fun than the other (driving a 'nice' car).

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Sounds like an interesting guy... I'd like to hear about why he decided on this path and how he made it come together.

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See ... 895629683/
Also see 7.2 and 7.2.2 in my book.

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Wonderful to see other ways of living because we all can live a soulful life.Many roads on this journey of life are like a deep forest. Because of mass mind control few can find a path out of this deep forest. However, a clear view out of this forest is what ErE and many books on survival or creative hobby activities show. So that one can find the way out of mass mind control..

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@ hobbyfinder
I think you've got it nailed. IE: The only reason (mostly) that people do the most stupid thing I can think of: Buying a NEW car, is because they see other people doing it. They overlook that you not only buy the car at a high price, but you also are buying the depreciation as well.
30K - car

15K - depreciation
But they do it because they are "expected" to, and because other people do it as well. Endless stupidity.

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@HSpencer - now it's worse than that... leasing a new car every 3-5 years! I have a coworker who, while having money problems and getting a divorce, has declared that it is the only plan that makes financial sense (if you're going to be buying new cars every 3-5 years rather than buying a used vehicle and keeping it for 5-10 years).
He's a consumer-extroidinaire and still waiting for the inheiritance that will allow him to retire!

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Out of Jacob's 100 recommended books he lists at least one (that I have read) that pertains to this subject ... 626&sr=1-5
Elizabeth Gilbert's Last American man. I absolutely loved the story and I now know why she is an amazing writer.
Full disclosure: My girlfriend happens to love Eat, Pray, Love which was written by Gilbert and I was exposed to her other book by glancing at Eat, Pray, Love (which I did not read, but I gave in to seeing the movie)
But honestly, its a book worth reading if you have ever considered a lifestyle like the one you mentioned above.

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