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After reading a few articles over the last month about how cheap it is to live in Asia. I wonder why I'm still waiting. ... 0-a-month/
Sure, everyone wants to stay in Somerwhereville, but if we are open to change and new cultures, ERE seems reachable sooner for me and maybe you.
Any thoughts?

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Favorite destination of mnmlst lifestyle bloggers (what we called backpackers back in the 1990s), especially Thailand. They live on their blog/ebook income, but you could also save <$200,000 and live of the interest of that.

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I'd say it depends on what you want to do during your retirement. If you want to spend your time doing a specific job or activity, definitely make sure you can do it there!

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If you are just considering costs (setting aside issues of culture/language/climate/visas etc.) don't forget to factor in the cost of traveling out of your low COL Asian country. Most likely you'd want to travel back to your home country somewhere between 3 times a year and once every three years. Flying out of a cheap country usually isn't so cheap. Depending where you were, you might want to travel regularly for health care as well.
That said I daydream from time to time about living in Malaysia or Indonesia for a few years. The mega-malls of KL aren't bastions of anti-consumerism, though.

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