You only live once? False.

Favorite quotations, etc.
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That´s great, thanks!

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Wow--this was wonderful. That's EXACTLY how I feel!
In academia, I saw people teaching the same classes for 45 years--sometimes even in the same room. I kept thinking, "why? Why would you do that to yourself?"
It took me far too long to realize that I didn't want that life--about 7 years, actually.

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I've already wasted multiple lifetimes going to school / working for ERE? :_c
Suppose I already knew that. So looking forward to my first real death (doesn't sound right ;).

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That was pretty awesome. Thanks.

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I like "I'm only trained to do one thing, and if I'm not doing it...then what am I?"

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Very-very inspirational!

I often find myself struggling with just this idea.
Thank you for sharing this link. Now I definitely know that I'll find a way to pick up some carpentry and electronics (maybe an actual study) once I am done with this study :)

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Re: You only live once? False.

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Came across this, thought it was a great example of multiple lives:

My Grandfather's Memory Book (get to ~3:20)

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