Exploiting Credit Card offers

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Exploiting Credit Card offers

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Was intrigued by this article and wanted to share it here. I think it might interest the « hack the system «  crowd :D

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Re: Exploiting Credit Card offers

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The linked page made my eyes bleed (ETA: the layout/colors, not the content. This came across as harsh when I reread it.)

Travel rewards/points churning is nothing new here.

The best resource for up to date information on the best cards/accounts to churn can be found at www.doctorofcredit.com (there is a tab for Best Bank Account Bonuses and Best Card Sign Up Bonuses, which they keep extremely up to date).

There is a free (self paced) course on taking advantage of these offers, which I took back in 2015, https://www.travelmiles101.com/

It's provided DW and I with $10,000+ in free flight/hotel redemptions in the past 5 years, and we still have a bucket of points for future travel.

The caveat is, that it's really only for USA based ERErs, though I'm sure it can be done in other countries to an extent.

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