You want to do something more meaningful?

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You want to do something more meaningful?

Post by FBeyer »
This is a collection of possible entrepreneurial avenues.

This forum has a shit-fucking-ton of clever INTJs looking to quit their meaningless, pointless, dreary working lives. The imagination, engineering capabilities, and creativity in here is astounding.

If some of you would love to do something more meaningful, solve some of the problems from the Houston substack and monetize it.

Ask SClass what can happen if you find a solution to a very specific niche problem and make it available.
(Not looking at you Tyler... you good for nothin' wont-put-a-donate-button-on-an-extremely-popular-portfolio-visualization-website :lol: )

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Re: You want to do something more meaningful?

Post by just »

Is there more to this than I can see? I haven't signed up and don't know about substack and its format.

It's three lines about small problems that could be turned into business ideas? Or is there a forum, too?

Oh, and I think Tyler got around to put up a donate button :) ( ... th-coffee/)

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Re: You want to do something more meaningful?

Post by Tyler9000 »

I guess that just proves that INTJ's may be good at solving problems but bad at marketing. :D Overtly shilling the donate button to the point where it gets irritating isn't my style, but look long enough and I've tucked a few links around the site.

I absolutely love that Substack page full of problems just waiting for a solution. Any time I get bored I'll have to open it back up to look for new challenges.

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