Carbon Removal Technologies / Mitigating Climate Change

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Carbon Removal Technologies / Mitigating Climate Change

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Lots of cool ideas mentioned in this thread: &

Non-profit working on using Olivine rocks to sequester carbon:

based on research from ... ange23.pdf

Grass lands superior to trees for sequestration
Joel Salatin's research. Methane in cows caused by corn not grass.
Youtube links at


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Re: Carbon Removal Technologies / Mitigating Climate Change

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Ocean iron fertilization seems like our best bet, but it's got some problems: ... n-air.html

Seeding iron in the ocean is expected to cause algal blooms, soaking up atmospheric CO2 and then sinking as dead organic matter. Seems perfect since this is how our petroleum was basically formed in the first place.

But it turns out an algal bloom in one place just soaks up other micronutrients which inhibits growth somewhere else. And the dead algae dont necessarily sink. They usually either rot or get eaten, putting them back into the carbon cycle.

I'm sceptical of non biological carbon sequestration schemes because they require industrial scale energy inputs. Which seems very counterproductive.

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