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When did the Ocean stop being the Ocean?

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:00 pm
by Michael_00005
To properly follow along with this story it will be necessary to engage your imagination.

We’re standing in the ocean, the waves are lapping up to our chest; you can feel the sand sifting through your toes when the current pulls the water back out to sea. We’re rhythmically being rocked back and forth by the waves of the ocean. The water is cold, but feels comfortable with the warm sun on our shoulders.

A few of us are on a fun get-away, you included. We’re at the Outer Banks, it’s the NE corner of North Carolina, right on the ocean. The beach goes for miles, it’s all soft sand and the sound of crashing waves. It’s a lazy warm day in the middle Summer, even hot for someone not accustomed to the humidity of the Carolinas. It’s mid Afternoon, and the sun is out, only a handful of clouds dot the sky. There is a slight breeze, and you can smell the salt from the sea, it permeates the atmosphere. You can see and hear the sea gulls caw, kids are running around, playing with kites, frisbees or their skim boards. Some are out walking the zig zag path right at the continually moving edge of the ocean, or lying about, soaking up the sun.

From this point of the Atlantic Ocean you could start sailing for Europe and only arrive 4-6 weeks later. The ocean is vast! I cup my hand, and dip it into the ocean, and extract a handful of water. I ask you, “Is this the Ocean, here in my hand?” I walk up onto the beach, still holding the Ocean in my hand. And again ask, “is this still the Ocean?” We walk back to our temporary residence, it’s a beach home, and it’s only a block away. Still holding the water in my hand, again I ask, “is this still the Ocean?” If not, when did it stop, and what would it take to again be?