Epicurus and Happiness

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Re: Epicurus and Happiness

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Having had a life replete with challenges and having sometimes wished I did not have so very many of them, I have found that in the aftermath of break through when one or more of them has found a solution is always boredom. When things are too easy they are boring -- like sitting in a class in school that is covering topics already thoroughly known to you.
And in those moments when I do not have a challenge already before me, the challenge is to go exploring and discover the next one.
And it is not so worthwhile to compare myself with others as it is to compare myself not with whom I have been before.

So while I agree with much of what Epicurus has to say about avoiding unnecessary wants, life just doesn't have meaning without trying to go somewhere and to discover what more is possible for me. I do not compete with others; I compete with myself to become something qualitatively more than I am now.

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Re: Epicurus and Happiness

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How do you decide which challenge to work towards?

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