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In all walks of life we will see how the same or similar rules govern an entity at various scales. For example we see an increase from: an individual, to family, community, city, state, country, and finally the entire world. It also might be worth noting, that if the integrity of the family unit is compromised, eventually you see that same crumbling effect in the country and then throughout the world.

Now for a leap; suppose we look at a person’s body in a similar fashion, where a single cell could represent our starting point, and the entire body would represent the entire world. Suppose one cell looks over at another cell and decides that, that cell is a separate unit (individuality is born). Not only is it a separate unit, but it certainly appears to be getting more than its fair share of food, wealth, fame, ect., “what can be done”, the poor cell cry’s!

Now down the rabbit hole; suppose we equate man, animal, fish, or bird, etc. to an individual “cell” and the entire “world” represents our “body”. Maybe man is not an individual body as he assumes but in reality a tiny part of a much larger whole. Where man’s relationship to the entire world might simply represent in single cell’s relationship to the entire human body. It would look something like this:

cell to human body
Man to World

Now suppose, God forbid, a person were to get skin cancer. Skin cancer is simply a deranged cell that no longer works in harmony with the whole, you might say it’s become perverted. So the collective intelligence of the whole looks to resolve the issue, maybe some sort of cream is administered, or it’s burnt off, surgery, radiation, etc.. The simple logic is, that for the good of the whole, the deranged cells have to go!

Now the body is really a remarkable system and will attempt to auto correct any imbalances. For example, one common technique the body uses to fight off a virus is to increase the bodies temperature. The body knows the virus cannot survive the increased heat, and so for the good of the whole (although uncomfortable for all cells) it administers the cure (heat). Now this is simply one of many alternatives the immune system can apply to restore balance in the entire body.

And what if the “world” is simple a single cell within the entire universe and itself is part of a much greater whole. Would we still place so much importance on our tiny existence?

I wonder if looking from this angle would change how we interact with other people, animals, the environment, and the planet as a whole? Would we still behave the same, promoting harmony after-all is enriching the whole, of which we are part.

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