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How to explain ERE, arranging family matters
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Post by djc »

INFP here.

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Apparently I'm an INTJ - but I'm pretty sceptical of these kinds of test. Entertaining though!

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hmmm, still the lone ISFJ around here.

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INTP..(trying to add some J when I need to get things done ;-)

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Definitely an INFP.

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INTJ as well, with strong T and somewhat moderate in the others. Although generally introverted left to my own devices, I don't really have trouble being socialable in social situations.

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INTJ. Strong I and T. Consistent with previous results.

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Post by Socrates »

moderately expressed extravert

distinctively expressed intuitive personality

distinctively expressed thinking personality

moderately expressed judging personality

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I (nearly E) NTJ

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Today I'm a:
11% I - slightly expressed introvert

38% N - moderately expressed intuitive personality

38% T - moderately expressed thinking personality

44% J - moderately expressed perceiving personality
Tomorrow the stars will align differently, no doubt.

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Post by KevinW »

Strong INTJ. Interesting, because from the qualitative descriptions I thought I'd be INTP.

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@CestLaVie & @RightClawSouth
I'm an ENTJ. There's another and close to this as well.

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I bounce between ENTJ & ENFJ - thats right I'm not an un-caring robot like the rest of yawl INTJ'ers.
I actually dislike personality tests. Its a nature vs nurture thing, "social norms" and training change how you behave very often. For instance:

-most engineers learn to solve problems like a classic INTJ

-most management consultants learn to solve problems like a classic ENFJ
So even if you are big E ENFJ, if you are an engineer you will have been trained to go sit alone and solve a problem like an INTJ.
There is also a lot of great studies about attitude vs behaviour. Many people act very differently than how they believe they would/should act. My favourite example of this is in Jamaica - they have the highest rate of religiosity (judged by churches per capita) as well as the highest rate of murder.

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You might be my new favorite hilarious person:)

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Strength of the preferences %

67 25 1 11
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Another INTJ, figure that.
Variuos tests agreed on this, although with variations regarding the strength of J.
Although my family would think it is highly obvious that I am a strong NT without all the testing...

James London
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Strength of the preferences %

44 38 25 22
Not sure that I buy into personality tests though!

Kevin M
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No surprise here - INTJ.

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Also INTJ. But I sometimes score as a INTP.
I wonder what we should take away from a personality test. It's interesting, sure. But is it really just pigeonholing? (In which case it gives us a deeper understanding of ourselves.) Or does it tell us what aspects of our personality need work? Or something else?
(I haven't read the book rePete mentioned above.)

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