Article: 4 in 10 without a $400 emergency fund

How to explain ERE, arranging family matters
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Article: 4 in 10 without a $400 emergency fund

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Here’s a link to an interesting article: ... ef6a2948aa
When people we know what to know why we live as we do, perhaps reading this article would be a good jumping off point for a conversation.

I remember being newly married, in grad school, and having a couple tires get inrepairable flats on a road trip. Being Wyoming with long distances between towns and services, we ended up running the spare until it also needed to be replaced. We didn’t have the emergency fund to pay for it outright and had to use my $500-secured creditcard. What a lousy feeling! Once was plenty.
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Re: Article: 4 in 10 without a $400 emergency find

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Original report is here: ... 201905.pdf

Version of article that doesn't admonish you for using adblocker is here: ... 90524.html

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