Car clusterfu^H^Hproblem

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Car clusterfu^H^Hproblem

Post by Stahlmann » Sun May 12, 2019 12:06 am

Let's say somebody (:lol:) owns cars and is cheapskate.

Consider follwing history in chronological order:
1. The car is bought. The basic inspection is made even in Authorised Service Center before transcation. Everything seems fine. No negative comments in car's manufacturer database. No comments from mechanics.
2. Afer 20 months of successful usage indicator responsible for airbag starts flashing.
3. Guys during next routine check say that there's prolly no airbag -.-" :angry:. They demand additional fee for checking what's exactly wrong. No action is taken.
4. 24/36 months are limits for taking legal action in case of buying faulty good/car as consumer (outside one specific case, according to preliminary, free talk with lawyer). In this moment, it's out of time.
5. It's time for next checkup and finally doing something with flashing control. Extra money is paid. Mechanis produce report: "Lack of driver's side airbag. Lack of driver's side (air) curtain). Sometimes control flashes. In installation sombody prolly installed resistor imiting airbags". They don't specify components numbers. This (lack of airbags) isn't stated in official car manufacturer's database (at least if we speak about panel accessed by consumer in the internet).
6. Authorised Service Center quoted 0,8-1,0x montly pay of somebody to repair this issue (parts +manhours).
Local mechanic quoted 0,3x montly pay of somebody to repair this issue (parts +manhours). Mechanic atm doesn't know exact parts number.
0,2x of montly pay is price for laywer's service which includes: calling the auto dealer and trying to persuade him to take some steps (by voluntary means) to remedy the action. In short everything, up to leading the case to the court (whatever it means in "Lawyerish"). We speak about this one exemption in Consumer Law which gives you right to fight after 24/36 months of purchase.
7. The intention of owning this car is to ride to the death or... sellling it to the greater fool.
8. Clou of the matter. Maybe more... ethical issue (!?) or just ego (!?): somebody thinks that being invovled in sellling faulty cars (especially without safety devices) should be punished by hanging by balls. This isn't about money, this is about showing that there's justice in this petty world.

Famous Stahlmann's self talk:
"The guy had accident as new owner and now he's looking to save a dime. The case is closed."
Beforementioned somebody wouldn't be interested in damaging own good.

"How can you prove that previous owner is responsible for the lack of the airbag?"
Low mileage (ok, not the strongest argument), no entries in history of accidents in insurers' databases.
Age of paint near air bag (somebody hopes it's possible to prove that it's older than length of new owenrship period).

"People in your country can resolve confilicts without calling Police or insurers (nobody wants to loose their discounts), so there's still probability that "somebody" has caused the accident. At least this could be line of reasoning for judge.

Also, it's possible to inflate airbags during bump (so called distintinction between accident and bump), so maybe nothing bad happened."
Somebody doesn't like this answer :(

"Somebody was greater fool. He should pay for service and forget about the issue."
See the 8th point of the rant.

"It's time to find even greater fool. Don't repair the car, just sell it. It's ticking bomb anyway."
Somebody has (not [?!]) ethical backbone to do so.

What would you do?

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Re: Car clusterfu^H^Hproblem

Post by unemployable » Sun May 12, 2019 12:16 am

Did you perchance check whether your model is included in the Takata recall?

If it were me I'd probably just drive without it, assuming you live in a state that doesn't have annual inspections. Nobody had airbags prior to the early 1990s. I recall debates over whether they were really more effective than just getting everyone to wear seatbelts, and that seatbelt use might go down because people will think the airbag is all they need.

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Re: Car clusterfu^H^Hproblem

Post by Ego » Sun May 12, 2019 4:51 am

Airbags don't always deploy in an accident that totals the vehicle. Check junkyards. The workers at the yard may know someone who can remove the bags from a donor vehicle and install them in your car. If you go to his route be sure to watch the installation process. These junkyard mechanics can save you a lot of money but they are also the people most likely to know how to trick the sensor.

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Re: Car clusterfu^H^Hproblem

Post by Jean » Sun May 12, 2019 5:47 am

One friend was in a similar situation. He just drove to the car dealer and took an other car. But he weights 130kg and exchanged powder propeled projectiles with other people in an African electoral conflict.

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Re: Car clusterfu^H^Hproblem

Post by Jason » Sun May 12, 2019 8:57 am

Stahlmann wrote:
Sun May 12, 2019 12:06 am
7. The intention of owning this car is to ride to the death...
Well, not having the airbag, I would think the likelihood of that happening has increased.

Air bags are the new car radios for thieves who don't want the entire car. It was most likely stolen and the seller didn't want to replace it. Or he removed it and sold it. As a previous poster pointed out, people used to drive in cars with engines in the trunk, eating hot dogs, without seat belts, their arms fully extended out the windows, children power vomiting all over the back of their heads, with a huge paper map sprawled out, covering the entire front windshield. It was like a death trap on wheels and no one gave a Chevrolet shit until Ralph Nader thought it over. At least that's how my family did it. And here I am. Fucked up beyond repair but alive nonetheless. And seat belts and air bags are great until you find yourself upside down, concussed and submerged in a body of water. In that situation, not having one could actually save your life.

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Re: Car clusterfu^H^Hproblem

Post by Riggerjack » Fri May 17, 2019 12:54 pm

Go to eBay. Buy a OBDII reader dongle. This is a small plug that plugs into a jack under your dash. Now download an app like torque to read codes on your phone.

Now you can read/clear and look up codes, without assistance and you have spent around $10.

Now go on YouTube, and get familiar with airbag service. Know how to remove power from the circuit. Some cars, you just pull the fuse, others you may remove the negative battery connector. I imagine it's possible that some car, somewhere, may need a capacitor drained, so look up the procedure for your car. It will be available as a manual for the factory service techs, and available in some form on the internet. Remember, you are playing with explosives, make no mistakes in your preparation. But this is a straight forward process that techs deal with daily.

Now go check your airbags. Replace as necessary. Buy used, that's the internet is for.

Or, you can spend the same amount of time and effort and more money, trying to get someone else to do it. Or, spend more time, and more money, trying to impose your ideas of a Just Universe on someone else, through courts, or go all vigilante, if you have that kind of time.

But overall, you would probably be best served by treating this as a learning opportunity, and just fixing it yourself, if any fixing is even necessary. It could be just oxidized contacts.

Good luck.

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Re: Car clusterfu^H^Hproblem

Post by unemployable » Fri May 17, 2019 1:02 pm

Riggerjack wrote:
Fri May 17, 2019 12:54 pm
Go to eBay. Buy a OBDII reader dongle.
You can also go to an auto parts store and ask them to pull the code for free.

You can even read the code yourself for free! On my car you connect pins 4 and 13 with a paperclip (the pins are numbered left to right on the first row, then on the second row) then turn the key without starting. The various dashboard lights will flash in a pattern that corresponds to the code. Google "[vehicle make and model] obd2 codes". There's a way to reset them as well; on my car it's by tapping the brake pedal multiple times in rapid succession.

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