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Re: Motorized Horse

Post by Jason » Fri Jun 07, 2019 12:40 pm

This looks like the manufacturer:

I guess what is unique about the situation is that he is tooling around on this thing in NJ. Maybe in Texas its more common which is reason #45498 I am not moving to Texas. It lists @4,995.00. That seems like a lot for a motorized hobby horse. I'm guessing half the posters here could make their own. A steer goes for $3,195 which based on the video, you don't ride, you only rope. Something about this entire situation makes me depressed in a "life is empty and absurd" kind of way. Just that I belong to a race of people of which a few will spend nearly 5 figures to conduct a motorized rodeo. I'm surprised they don't have motorized clowns. I'm also guessing that a guy who rides around town on a motorized horse he named "Charger" goes home to a sex doll wearing a cowboy hat which he has named "Daisy" or "Ellie Mae." I'm not saying I will blow my head off over this, but it certainly doesn't lift my spirits. Here I am beating myself up over god knows what and there are people who are apparently content spending their time roping battery operated cattle.

I pretty much started this thread in order to make the most superfluous thread possible which I think I accomplished but now its turning on me in this Sartre like fashion and now I am seriously considering stealing that most-likely-on-the-spectrum wack job cowboy's horse and shooting it in it's fake horse fucking head in the middle of the street on a school day and completely Westworlding his crazy ass.

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