Unintended Consequences of Carbon Taxes or the Real Deal

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Re: Unintended Consequences of Carbon Taxes or the Real Deal

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Sat Oct 27, 2018 7:14 am
The management of the carbon tax collection and redistribution seems like a chance for the sharks to come in a pick away at the weak spots, where the common citizen is left paying for most of the program. I see we need to change our actions on this planet but I suppose most change usually just comes from the middle class and not the rich or poor. The middle class is easiest to change. The very rich can find ways around it and the poor are not organized enough or too marginalized to change significantly.
The poor aren't creating the problem because they don't consume much and the very rich aren't because there are so few of them. It really is a middle class problem.

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Re: Unintended Consequences of Carbon Taxes or the Real Deal

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What is creating the "carbon" problem in Canada is big industry really. They are the starting point for carbon emissions. Animal farming and oil and gas and factories and processing. These are hardly middle class areas. The middle class uses products from these divisions, but with the carbon taxes, the big industries are either exempt, or pass the increased taxes down to the middle and lower classes in the form of higher prices.

So with the carbon tax, there is just a merry-go-round of money where some people get to put a few extra nickels in their pocket as it goes around and some people get a few less. I'm trying to determine if the cost of the merry go round is actually worse than not having one at all. If history is a guide, the cost of the merry go round and potential for it to be corrupted is likely to be worse than having one. At least under this current system proposed by the Feds.

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