House sitting websites

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House sitting websites

Post by thrifty++ »

Im looking for advice on good house sitting websites.

I am about to go globetrotting. However I have a plan rather than complete flexibility so cant just base my decision on going where the house sit is. Therefore I am reluctant to use a house sitting site that you have to pay for as I might not get my money's worth Unless it is an exceptional global site with totally enormous numbers of listings anywhere. I have previously paid for a house sitting site and was unsatisfied as I never got to use it because there was not enough listings given my restrictive circumstances.

So I am keen to hear about good free sites or if only paid sites then what ones are exceptional?

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Re: House sitting websites

Post by onewayfamily »

Try your luck with any free ones you find, but it might not be worth the hassle as the owner's of the house might not feel comfortable without the vetting that the bigger (paid) sites do.
TrustedHouseSitters is the biggest I think, and they have by far the most listings - so you'd have a better chance finding something suitable there anyway - in my opinion the fee is worth it - even 1 night would save you the fee in Airbnb or hotel costs.
If you want to really increase your chances of getting something great that fits your requirements, you might want to try to get at least one review on there so people see you as 'verified' - to achieve this easily you could find a listing on there really close to where you live, for someone that's going just for a couple days somewhere, and offer to housesit or feed their pets while they're gone.

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Re: House sitting websites

Post by Seppia »

onewayfamily wrote:
Wed May 02, 2018 4:53 pm
TrustedHouseSitters is the biggest I think
is anybody using this?
any experience?

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Re: House sitting websites

Post by Stahlmann »

who is using such services and which one?
I'd probably choose the most populated one... and be interested in exchanging reviews with fellow forumites.

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Re: House sitting websites

Post by Jin+Guice »

I once met this dude who had a lot of luck pet/ house sitting for people. I don't remember the website though. It costs $10 or $10/ year and they email you all the people looking for pet sitters. Let me know if you figure it out.

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Re: House sitting websites

Post by Fiddle »

I use TrustedHouseSitters but you do need to have flexibility on your dates to get the most out of the opportunities. How about or to increase chances of finding something at the right place and time you are looking at? Each of these would likely throw in an interesting social angle to the experience. Also I found we got alot out of house sitting far more than simply getting a cheap place to stay.

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