EREish village in Denmark

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EREish village in Denmark

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"A sustainable, waste- and debt-free society" starting up next year* in Ebeltoft, right under the drippy nose of Jutland.

Looks interesting from an ERE perspective. From what I understand, it is intended to incorporate:
1) A large, currently vacant, factory building to house production for small start-ups, joint office spaces, as well as rooms and a stage for cultural activities.
2) Housing lots, from tinyhouses and upwards
3) Permaculture and other farmland, both for produce sale and community use.
4) Off-grid electricity etc
5) Fishing/seaweed farming/other activities that make use of the harbour.

Probably better suited for the neo-hippy than the investment banker ERE sorts :lol:

*At least that's their plan..**
**I'm copying @FBeyers rampant use of *'s

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