Anyone moved to a different state for cheaper housing?

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Re: Anyone moved to a different state for cheaper housing?

Post by halfmoon » Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:03 pm

Allagash wrote:I know a guy in Wisconsin who buys duplex's for in the $30k range and rents them for $500 a side. Can't do that on the west coast.
Can't argue with that. One thing I find priceless about Seattle is the access to cheap and wonderful ethnic restaurants/grocery shopping. If I were just aiming for regional arbitrage in housing, though, I'd definitely focus on depressed areas. After living for 10 years in a depressed area of eastern Washington, we We started dreaming of dim sum, pho and Cambodian food. You can only eat so much beef.

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Re: Anyone moved to a different state for cheaper housing?

Post by tylerrr » Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:09 am


I also love Maine. I live in Boston and I'm currently looking to buy in Maine. I like North Berwick area or Wells. I don't want to be too far from Portsmouth, NH and Boston so I'd like to stay in the southern half of Maine.

I go up there at least every other weekend from Boston.

I've been tempted to buy acreage and build my own too.

PM me if you'd like to discuss more about Maine.

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Re: Anyone moved to a different state for cheaper housing?

Post by Lucky C » Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:44 am

I live outside Boston and while I was initially looking for housing within MA, the supply-demand balance has jacked up prices a bit too much even in the more remote / less desirable areas. So now I'm thinking the odds are good that I'll be in another state, and I've been thinking up alternative game plans to cut my working time down but still have a safe enough pile of money so I don't have to have a really long commute for multiple years. However as you get closer to FI, a longer commute to get a significantly cheaper house starts to make more economical sense. Especially around Boston where the prices sharply drop off outside the dreaded 1 hour commute mark - I can live with that if it's only for another year or two if it saves me a year of work!

I actually found a particular town that I think is nearly perfect for my idea of ERE. I'll be sure to post about it if we end up moving there, and will encourage others to move there in the hopes that it would be an ERE City contender, but in the meantime I don't want to say where it is for fear that some of you will agree that it's a great ERE town and will start competing for the home we're interested in! :P

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