ERE City (US)

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Re: ERE City (US)

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@tsch - Not at such. The areas I had marked out all have functional governments which turns out to be important when federal leadership is failing and decisions have to be made closer to home. Admittedly, that was not something I weighted directly for before although indirectly, I already did consider a general lack of civic-mindedness a deal breaker. A proxy for this (and even an extra factor) would be which states are maker states for federal dollars and which are taker states.

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Re: ERE City (US)

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tsch wrote:
Mon Apr 27, 2020 1:04 pm
Have you changed your opinions about any particular locales as being ERE-friendly?
I have explored a bit and like many places that I visited. But the more I see and the more I realize how complex a location choice is, the more I feel I have already optimized my choice in my current location.

My desire to explore the world is still there, but it is diminishing. Perhaps with age?

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